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BRAND ANALYSIS – If you are in a really good place financially- either your business is already bringing in a solid income, you are a responsible business owner and regularly track your income and expenses, and don’t need to delve into the financial part- or, you have another job (or a spouse with a job) that you intend to keep – that supports your household such that you are able to build your business and your brand solely on what’s appropriate, without consideration for what you need- then this option may be for you.

This process is fully focused on uncovering your core purpose and crafting it into a client-based brand message and business design.  We’ll look through feedback from your clients to understand what perception of your business currently exists in the market.  Then we’ll work through the brand discovery process – diving into your beliefs, approach, work, etc to really understand the underlying value that you provide (full description below).  From there we’ll put together a plan for communicating the value proposition into every aspect of your business.

approximately 6-8 hours over 2 days, one-on-one –  $1,500


FINANCIAL ANALYSIS – This is the money part of the SEXY BUSINESS Process separated out.  We analyze your personal finances to understand exactly how much it costs to be you.  This is important because your business not only has to be profitable on its own, it has to give you what you need.  For people transitioning careers just replacing your previous income isn’t always enough, because sometimes cash flow from a job can mask the fact that you’re overspending.  So we analyze all that and then we figure out how much your business needs to generate in order to satisfy all your goals.  This is a great option for those of you who might be terrified of the business/numbers side of things because we’re going to make those numbers your bitch.  We’re all about demystifying the financial side of things to give you direction about what you need to make (and more importantly how much you need to charge) to make this business profitable and sustainable. 

3-hour remote call, one-on-one – $500



Sometimes you just need bounce ideas and questions off someone else.  This probably isn’t enough time to diagnose a giant problem or rebrand your business, but it can be useful for gut-checking some new ideas or sifting through some evidence to figure out a specific problem.  1 hour call – $300



To make your business meaningful, purposeful and profitable.  To enjoy your clients, love your work, and have more than enough profit to support both your life and your business. If you aren’t working with the perfect clients, doing the perfect work, creating the perfect products, and making the money you desire around 90% of the time, then this workshop can help you.  And if you are having trouble balancing our workload with your life and understanding the capacity of work you can and should be doing we can help you. Many people live a sub-par life because they feel that’s all that their business can accommodate.  We don’t roll like that.  We work to understand what you want and what you believe and we reverse-engineer a business that accomplishes that. You’ll leave with a rock-solid business plan, an effective and profitable pricing structure and a mouth-wateringly compelling brand that is sexy as hell to the perfect clients. This workshop is for professionals currently fighting it out in the trenches.  We think the workshop is best for people who have shot enough work to have a little financial/sales data and some opinions on what they want not only for themselves but also what they want for their clients. But make no mistake – I’m not selling a magic bullet.  What I am selling is clarity and a concrete set of steps to execute on after the workshop.  I’m not trying to make it easy to run a great business, because that takes work regardless of what kind of business you want to run.  But if you’re willing to put your head down post-workshop and implement this stuff I think you’re going to be thrilled with the results.  If you have any questions or are hesitant in any way drop me an email and we’ll set up a call to discuss – where to buy Lyrica cream Make no mistake, this is an intense business workshop, but we keep it fun as hell.  First we are going to make you lean, mean managerial accounting machines (it is WAY SEXIER than it sounds).  We are going to make that shoebox full of receipts our bitch, and we are going to take complete control over the numbers side of your business.  In fact, we’re going to convince you that the financial side requires just as much creativity and artistry ad the photography. We’ve got to do this because the business side informs our work on the branding side (and vice versa).  We need to know what your business needs to make to achieve your goals because that helps us understand how to price it.  Then we’re going to spend the bulk of our time on brand discovery, communication and implementation.  The end of the process is all about executing – drawing up a plan of concrete steps of the things you’ll do as soon as you get home including what your pricing will be and how you’ll communicate the value behind the price and market it to sell.

Look, this is going to sound really arrogant, and I’m almost embarrassed to say so but I want to change the photography industry for the better.  I don’t want to be so trite as to use a term like “raising the bar” but I do help the people that really want to be professional see their own path for getting there and be able to execute on that plan. So I’m going to buck a trend.  It is sort of common knowledge amongst teachers that many of the people in a class, maybe even the majority will sit and nod through your talk.  They will love everything that you have to say.  They’ll think about how they are going to kick ass when they get home.  But then they’ll go home and change nothing.

But I get it.  The workshop environment is safe and celebratory but when you get back home YOU ARE BACK HOME.  You are dealing with the same problems that you were facing before the workshop.  You fall into the same habits.  The ideas that seemed to logical in the workshop feel so foreign in practice.  We’re going to manage expectations, talk about what you need to prepare and bring, and we’re going to get a solid idea of where you are and where you want to go.  This will allow me to structure your workshop experience to suit your needs.  After all, this workshop isn’t about making you into me, or just teaching what I do.  This is about understanding who you are, what you are great at, and what you want to do and making that profitable and worth hiring. Then, after the workshop we’re going to schedule a follow-up.  We’re want to help you implement everything you build and hammer out the inevitable complications when the theory hits the real world.  There are bound to be some growing pains and if you have some support in weathering the ups and downs you are going to be far more successful that if we throw you to the wolves.  You’ll also be added to our SEXY BUSINESS Facebook page, where everyone has been through the process and they know exactly what you are trying to do and they are the best sounding board I know of to keep you honest and to bounce ideas.



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