getting published on wedding blogs

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SHORT STORY – I was on a podcast that I think you might be interested in -buy Pregabalin online usa

LONG STORY – A few weeks ago where to buy Lyrica cream posted an anonymous letter from a disgruntled wedding photographer in response to perceived inequality in terms of what wedding blogs are publishing or not publishing titled “buy Lyrica overnight”  If you haven’t checked it out please take a look.

I posted a response from my perspective as a photographer and fan/believer in the power of branding here – buy Pregabalin online next day delivery

Good reading, eh?  Next photographer Jonas Peterson posted his own manifesto from the perspective of the wedding photographer that is also in opposition to the blogging community conventions – that article is also relevant – buy Lyrica medication

Then (!) Style Me Pretty’s Abby Larson posted her own response on the SMP Backstage blog that is referenced as well – order Lyrica from canada

OK, tired of reading?  Time for some listening.  The ladies from where to buy Lyrica cream and buy Lyrica in mexico (both bridal blogs with specific brands in their own right) produce the Bridal Koolaid Cocktail Hour podcast where they promise a frank discussion about the wedding industry.  They contacted me asking if it was OK if they quoted me on the podcast, and in a potentially altogether-too-forward way I asked if I could just quote myself.  What you’ll find in the podcast is our candid (and alcohol-fueled) discussion about the realities and motivations behind the blogging world and how photographers fit in.  Check it out and let me and the ladies know what you think.

buy Lyrica online cheap uk

buy Lyrica in thailand

buy Lyrica mexico


The ladies warned me that they expected candor, profanity, and as much booze as I could handle.  They got two out of three, which I’m told ain’t bad.  As a side note as a fan of branding you have to tip your hat to both ladies as they are very clear about their purpose.  buy Lyrica in mexico is dedicated to helping clients plan a total wedding for a $15K budget or less.  where to buy Lyrica cream is focused on do-it-yourself (or design-it-yourself) mountain weddings.  Both are looking for wedding submissions, so if you do what they are looking for connect up.

– trr


buy Pregabalin powder

purchase Lyrica

Spinning out from buy Lyrica I want to explore the idea of recognition a bit. It seems like a few years ago getting published was a minor thing.  Most people weren’t doing it, but those that did had a little extra cachet in the photo industry and overall market.  It was limited and rare.  Nowadays, there are so many opportunities and so much fervor photographers feel behind the curve at best or entitled at worst to have their work featured somewhere.  I can understand – recognition feels good.  I would imagine that most people put their work out there in order to have it considered and (hopefully) judged positively.

But being recognized by the magazines and blogs has become standard.  And if everyone is doing it, then the need to do it is going away.  It was cool to be the first, maybe the second, but you can’t be motivated to rush to be the 1000th person to get on that bandwagon.  If you’re desperate to get published, then you end up playing the publishing game.  And as many people have pointed out in the comments of the last post the photography industry has aligned in many ways around what it presumes the publishing industry is looking for (even though publishers have chimed in to refute those assumptions).  So really, it feels like the tail has been wagging the dog.

The idea is not to get published.  The idea ought to be to create something specific, authentic, personal, etc and if like-minded people are out there you should connect.  Maybe the blogs and magazines are the like-minded folks, and maybe they aren’t.  The point of connections is to drive business, right?  Simply getting posted on a blog or published in a magazine isn’t likely to directly yield dollars.  Just like meeting an influential wedding vendor or buying an ad will.  The idea of making connections is that through a series of positive interactions with your brand the right people will be turned on and want to hire you.  Maybe you get featured on a blog and another vendor sees it or knows about it and it reinforces their ideas about you.  Maybe that day they are asked for a referral and you are positively on their mind.  The idea is not to hang your entire career on being published, it is to figure out how to make the right connections with the right people.  But it isn’t any one thing, it is a series of things that actually brings the right clients (and therefore the right money) to your door.  If a blog (or whoever) doesn’t want to feature you the next step shouldn’t be to change them, it should be to find who does love what you do and make that connection.

What do you think?  It what ways do you seek recognition and for what purpose?

BTW, if you like what you read here and you’d like , why not make another connection – send out our link, follow on buy Pregabalin Lyrica online and like on purchase Pregabalin


– trr