The impulse to create and the discipline to sell what you create to the market are two very different mindsets. The entire purpose behind …a Man to Fish… is to demystify the financial, business, marketing and branding aspects of being a successful creative entrepreneur. Over the last 7 years of running a creative business (and succeeding and failing at every aspect and price point) we’ve learned a lot about what works and more importantly why it works. So much of the assumed wisdom out there is just not working and the mission of this podcast is to cut through the bullshit and get down to what really works. This isn’t an interview show, this podcast is real talk about what success means and how to get there.

Episode 30 – Your Brand Value with Anne Shmidt

Episode 29 – SALESOGRAPHER with Spencer Boerup

Episode 28 – Get your sh!t straight

Episode 27 – Everybody loves [b]ecker

Episode 26 – “Look at my Penis” with Fer Juaristi

Episode 25 – Revitalizing a Business, Part 2 with Paul Gero

Episode 24 – Revitalizing a Business, Part 1 with Paul Gero

Episode 23 – Business Is Not Dead with Jonathan Canlas

Episode 22 – Big Heads with Reggie Campbell

Episode 21 – Destinations with Michelle Turner

Episode 20 – Chicken$#!+ with Alan Abrams, Daniel Lateulade, and JOSH GULL

Episode 19 – Sensible Photographer with Richard Israel

Episode 18 – Emerging from the Dark Ages with Richard Israel

Episode 17 – Spencer Lum of Ground Glass and 5 West Studios

Episode 16 – Kinky Now and Associates with Ken Kienow

Episode 15 – Positive Polly and Negative Nelly with Josh Gull

Episode 14 – Growing and Shrinking with Farrah Braniff

Episode 13 – My Spirit Animal with Josh Gull

Episode 12 – Art and the Profitability of Film with Kat Braman

Episode 11 – Stacy Reeves part two – high ends and red flags

Episode 10 – Stacy Reeves part one – is the sky falling in the photo industry?

Episode 9 – Jamie Swanson of The Modern Tog

Episode 8 – the most down-to-Earth and confident guy I know – Spencer Boerup

Episode 7 – Laura Romero of Everyday Charming 

Episode 6 – Success with Tony Hoffer

Episode 5 – Australia’s Matt Ebenezer of Matt and Katie Photographers

Episode 4 – the “sick of it” fallout and make up session with Yan Palmer

Episode 3 – Branding and Hustling with Sergio Mottola

Episode 2 – Michael Howard of MUSEA

Episode 1 – Passion with Chuck Anerino


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