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Hey everyone!

I’ve gotten a ton of well-wishes on the move down south and I thank you very much for those!  We grossly underestimated how long it would take us to pack up our stuff and get it ready to be shipped.  It taught me a lot about my business.

See, we were hanging on to a ton of stuff.  I thought a couch defined my life.  I thought that because I had paid thousands (!) for a designer Italian coffee table 6 years ago that I needed to keep it, even though my tastes had changed and it didn’t fit so well into my new home.   I felt attached to things for reasons that really didn’t apply to me today.

What I should have done was sell everything and buy new when I got here.  I should have been willing to leave the old stuff behind, because it was dragging me down.  It was costing me money, time and attention to pack and move and figure out how to store.  It was keeping me from having what I wanted.

Question is – am I the person (photographer) I was, or am I the person (photographer) I am?

Do you feel held back by your choices?  Did you run your business in a way that you feel tied to?  Do you feel obligated to an old client base, but feel a draw to completely revamp who and what you put out into the world?

I moved for a number of reasons.  One was to have a better life in a place that I felt more comfortable.  Another reason was to have a fresh start.  I wanted to feel that I could rebuild and not limit myself to the decisions that I had made before.

I really appreciate when people send questions.  So often photographers will explain their challenges and ask for help.  They can often pinpoint a moment where they made a choice that kept a client from doing what they wanted.  Its great to see the light bulb go off and see them understand how to take control going forward.

Then the fear sets in.  They tell me about all the clients they have booked under the old system.  They tell me about their client base that won’t go along with the changes.  They tell me about how the only reason that people are coming to them is this thing that is holding them back.

I don’t buy any of it.  I understand it, sure.  I just think that this is your life, and this is your business.  No one else runs it but you.  Don’t avoid the responsibility by blaming the inability to change on anyone else.  Don’t shackle yourself to a less than thrilling and delightful decision for any reason.  If you see a better way, take that path today.  Take it right now.  The people that support you, the ones that really believe in you – they will take the ride with you.

This business is unforgiving in many ways.  It can take and take and give back very little if you let it.  You also have the choice to squeeze and enormous amount of delight out of this business. But you have to grab it today and squeeze pretty damn hard while you have the chance.  You can stall, excuse, dilly-dally all you want, but you are just delaying your happy inevitable.  Or worse, making sure you never get there.

Send me your “yeah-buts.”  Tell me why you can’t be what you want today.  Illustrate why “someday” down the line is better than today.  I’ve never been so happy to disagree with someone.  I want to help you get there faster.   I want you to be who you are today, instead of who you were back then.

thanks – links below – stay in touch

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Twitter – buy Lyrica in thailand

– trr

P.S. – for those of you that asked, I love it here.  A lot.  I feel happier than I have since we started this business 6+ years ago.  I feel like I took control, and I haven’t felt that way in a long time.  Thanks for asking.

buy Lyrica australia

Hey Everyone,

Trying to get out of this terrible hotel and onto the last leg of our journey to our new home in Atlanta this morning.  I don’t have a ton of posting time left before the uHaul calls my name, but I wanted to quickly post this link and get your thoughts on it.

buy Lyrica canada

If you own your own business you probably already know who Seth Godin is and you ought to be reading everything he posts.  This particular post is of real concern for photographers.  Obviously, one of the biggest issues we tackle is one of pricing and being confident in our pricing.  I totally understand the allure of lowering your price in order to make yourself allegedly more attractive to your potential clients.  I just don’t think it actually works that way.

I’m brewing a couple of opinion posts on concepts like why I think supply-and-demand doesn’t apply to professional photography and why I think the concept of “what the market will bear” is a fallacy.  This post from Seth is giving me even more to think about.  I do think that putting a higher price on something helps a client enjoy it so much more, both on an emotional level and (from what research I’ve read) on a scientific level.

So let know what you think about this article.  And keep checking back for the Supply and Demand post and What-theMarket-will-bear posts which will most likely be coming next week as we get settled into our new home.

Oh, and Google was nice enough to let me know that we’ve been getting a ton of new traffic over the last few days.  If you are new to the site I’d like to welcome you and I invite you to get in touch with me through Twitter, email and the comments section.  Also, if you haven’t been following for long I’m going to throw in some links to some of the more popular posts below.


buy Lyrica online india

Hey everyone!

First, I just want to thank everyone for the feedback, retweeting, emails, and general support that I’ve been feeling over the last few weeks – pretty overwhelming! I wanted to let you all know that things might be a little sporadic on the blog till next week. Jamie and I have packed everything we own into a uHaul truck and as of Thursday morning we we have sold the first house we owned together and we’re moving South to Atlanta. So connections will be spotty and time to blog might be a little cruched till we get settled.

Having said that, I’ll still be checking emails and comments so keep them coming. I’m going to be driving that damn truck over 700 miles at a swift and breakneck pace of 45 miles an hour so I will have a ton of time to mentally formulate responses so keep the feedback coming.

Also, I have had a ton of requests for personal consultations over the last two weeks. Typically we schedule a preliminary phone call to talk about where you are and where you want to go and what we can do to get there. I’ll be able to get back on that horse and address those inquiries by the beginning of next week so if you are interested please let me know by email and i will get back to you next week-

Thanks again, and hang in there! I’m hoping to post updates and queued up posts as I can find Internet and we will be back to normal by next week.

– trr (gone fishin’)

purchase Lyrica online

Hey everyone.  Another audio post today – this time a response to a comment that came in for the buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v post from last week.  Susan asks:

Great post…. So what do you do if jacking up your prices and offering no discounts leaves you with zero customers?

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version order generic Lyrica online. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Hit play to check out my response and some steps going forward.  (Executive summary – good riddance!  Now get to work.)

You can send the responses to the homework assignment through email, Twitter or the comments section.  Thanks!!

– trr