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It is live!

Head on over to MUSEA and check out the interview.  Be sure to leave Michael a comment and let him know what you think.  Then head on back over here and we’ll talk.  How did I do?  What did you think about what we discussed?  What are your feelings about the issues we addressed?  Would you like to see more of this type of content (video interviews, discussions, etc) posted here?

Check it out here – buy Lyrica mexico

I look forward to hearing from you!

– trr

purchase Lyrica

Hey everyone,

I tend to play it cool on the weekends and leave the posting to the weekdays but for anyone stopping by this weekend I wanted to prime you for my video interview with Michael of buy Lyrica that should be dropping on Monday.  Head over here for the link Monday morning.

Still to come this week – more comments and responses from the “buy Pregabalin Lyrica online” discussion that we’ve been having this week.  Make sure to send any questions or comments in the links below and be sure to stop back on Monday and block out an hour or so to listen to the interview.

Many thanks.

– trr

Lyrica purchase online australia

Good dialogue from Andrew on buy Pregabalin Lyrica online

A thought for you TRR… is not “getting your name out there” a valid branding approach? Have your name “out there” every time someone turns around, or every time they think about photography- oh look, there’s so-and-so- could definitely work. It certainly is a busier approach than focused marketing, but if your DVD is on the top of the pile, and in the middle and along the edges of the bin, someone is sure to notice and choose it.

Of course, that comes at the cost of getting clients who chose you because they simply saw you– your photography becomes a commodity- and this is not the ideal approach for me. But is it not still a valid business model? Isn’t this how McDonalds and Burger King do it? No one would argue they have the best burgers…

Andrew – order Pregabalin online

Hey Andrew!

It is definitely a valid approach.  Whether or not it achieves your particular goals is the question.  I like to eat.  I prefer to do it at restaurants.  Now, I’ll lose every shread of foodie cred when I admit this, but I’ll eat at a McDonalds or Burger King.  I’ll eat McDonalds for breakfast on the way home from a wedding if I can’t find anything else.  I’ll eat at a 24/7 Burger King at 2 in the morning or on the way home from a wedding if I’m starving and there isn’t anything else open.

Ubiquity is a tricky thing.  If you are everywhere and seen all the time you become less interesting.  You become less referable.  I’ve touched on this a bit here but I’ve done a lot of research into what triggers a client to pass on a referral.  In many ways it is a very subtle and tricky transaction, but at its heart there is a great deal of social currency being exchanged.  There is no social currency to be gained in referring something that everyone already knows about.  So while you can expend an enormous amount of time, effort and money being ubiquitous, you eventually lose some credibility as trusted sources stop referring you.

Beyond that, being everywhere is fine if your target market wants the most popular thing.  Depending on where you are in the market this might be exactly what you want, or it might be the kiss of death.  If you are selling “custom” and “attention” and “high quality” you can’t do it for everyone.  So, like everything else, it is really dictated by your brand value and what you want to communicate about that.


– trr

purchase generic Lyrica

It looks like yesterday’s post struck a chord (or hit a nerve) with quite a few people.  I do appreciate the comments and discussion and I urge you to keep the feedback coming.

I want to talk a little more about working with vendors and other businesses.  For awhile in the industry I kept hearing about these strategic partnerships. Newborn photographers were getting their work into OB-GYN offices.  Photographers that focused on kids were putting their work into children’s clothing stores.  Expensive photographers were throwing their stuff up on the wall of expensive places.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but before long it seemed like every place in town had 10 photographer’s work on the walls.

As a wedding photographer it seems there is massive pressure for us to provide images to every vendor under the sun.  The problem with this is it went from a nice thing to do to build a relationship to an expected thing that vendors would be upset not to receive in a timely fashion.  I think in some ways the whole vendor relationship thing kind of jumped the shark.  When it becomes an expected thing instead of an appreciated thing it really becomes a burden to us and less of a benefit.  Beyond that, working together with other vendors wasn’t the specific goal anyway – the goal was to build a relationship, create mutual value, and get on the same page to see if you were part of the same tribe.  Somewhere along the line we lost sight of the goal and just focused on the giving and the free.

I gave images to tons of vendors.  Over the last 3 years I think I booked exactly zero weddings from all that “exposure.”  Eventually I met a wedding coordinator that I felt completely in synch with.  They worked how I worked, thought how I thought, manage disaster the way I like to manage it, etc.  We are on the same page, in the same tribe.  No matter who gives them images, or how long they have known someone, I’m probably getting the referrals that they can’t afford to go wrong.  The point with this vendor relationship was that it was focused on the core of believing the same things about the way we ought to work.

As I said before – I don’t care who knows my name.  In fact, I probably am guilty of putting myself out there less than any other professional photographer that I know of.  That’s not necessarily a good thing, and I don’t really think you ought to use me as your example for this, but I’ve found that getting the referral is about someone believing in you.  You can force it, you can’t buy it, you can’t incentify them to give a referral for you unless they totally believe in you.  Just like you have to attract the perfect clients, you have to attract the perfect partners.  I was trying to make vendors like me enough to hire me.  Problem was, they already liked other photographers more than me.  No amount of gift showering, message spamming or number of images provided was going to change that.  What I needed to focus on was helping them understand who I was perfect for.  If they didn’t care, then we weren’t meant to work together anyway.

As with most things we discuss here I’m interested in being purposeful.  Exposure is fine, but to what end do you want to be exposed?  To whom?  What do you want that exposure to say about you?  One person who believes in you can create your whole network of other believers.  A nation of people who aren’t behind you won’t provide a damn thing.

– trr