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Don’t ask, do tell,

Quick question – are you asking your clients what they want or are you telling them what you can do for them?

One thing that has really plagued our business is the urge to be a people-pleaser.  I don’t know what it is about creative types – maybe we feel like we don’t deserve to make money at this.  Maybe we feel afraid that our clients won’t like our work?  Maybe we’re just really desperate for acceptance?  I get it.  I’ve just found that after a few years of trying to please people and second-guess and try to preemptively cut off every potential complaint before it happens you start to really lose control and direction of your own life, not just your business.  There will always more work to do, you’ll always come up with another issue to get neurotic about and try to manage before your clients find out.  At some point, you find yourself constantly working to put out fires that may or may not even be an issue.

It is a slippery slope.  You can try to keep pleasing people or you can manage the relationship and take the control back.  I think we feel the need to please people because we are totally afraid that someone might not be totally happy with us.  I think the best way to manage that is to take control and tell clients what they will experience, rather than asking them what they want.  I think that in reality your clients will be the happiest when you (the professional) are defining the relationship instead of asking them for guidance.

If you are feeling the urge to please people, think about how you can take control of the relationship.  If you have decision points in your interaction with clients where you are asking for their guidance, instead see if you can find ways to tell them what will happen.  I think that clients are the happiest when you are managing the expectations of what will be happening as well as reducing the number of decisions that they have to make.

Ultimately, the urge to please people is a way of asking for permission and acceptance.  But if you think about it, the act of being hired by a client should be all the permission and acceptance you need.  They want you to be you.  You just have to decide what “you” are and put that out there rather than asking them what they want you to be.

How has the urge to people-please impacted your business?  Does it change your creative impulses?  Let me know in the comments below or through Twitter and email.  Many thanks!

– trr

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I’ve had quite a few conversations with my photographer friends lately about how the entire industry is against us.  They keep telling me that a smart, determined, hard-working person could make a much better living doing almost anything other than photography.  I don’t know, photography isn’t the easiest way to make a buck, but I’m kind of over all the complaining about how hard this has gotten.

I’m over the bitching and whining about the newbies coming in and screwing it all up for us (we ARE the newbies we are complaining about!).

I’m sick of the complaints that the barrier to entry into this business is too low.  I’m over the cries for licensing, certification, standardization, etc.  The low barrier to entry is a GOOD thing.  I don’t want anyone telling me what to do.  I don’t want them telling me that I need to photograph a certain way, or to fit some set of guidelines.  I’m fine with camera companies putting out ridiculous, kick-ass cameras to the consumer crowd (Nikon d7000 – I’m looking at you).  I’m fine with it.  Makes it so I require less capital expenditures to run my business.  I don’t care that the new person can afford good gear – it means I CAN TOO.  Hell, as good as the stuff is today I won’t have to buy any new cameras or lenses for a very long time.  This is a BENEFIT to me!

I can’t stomach the part-timer argument – that it is too easy for them to compete against the full-timer.  Sure, they can make a go of it on evenings and weekends.  But the full-timer has the most precious of resources – TIME.  If you have extra time to devote to your business, you’ve got an advantage money can’t buy.  If you can’t leverage that to stake your claim in the market, that’s on you.

I keep seeing photographers complain about the fact that even if they work their whole lives it will be nearly impossible to sell their business to live out their later years.  Yeah, that sucks, and it isn’t likely that you’ll sell your business for a mint on the backside.  BUT (!) there are now more ways to leverage your knowledge in profitable ways that the standardized method of just selling the business isn’t nearly the best way to protect your future.  Your business is a set of systems you put into place and you.  Sell the systems, sell the methodology, sell the “how” of the business – it is worth more than the business going forward.

Oh yeah – and the solution to not being able to sell the business for retirement is already there – I’ve been advocating it for months.  I call it “charging more.”  Seriously.  Make what you need now, plus make what you are going to need later.  No one is going to do it for you.

I also have had to put to bed my anger over the legions of people willing to do this for free.  I’ve stopped being angry that those free-shooters are getting better all the time.  All I can do is run this blog, put out the type of thinking I want to see more of, and encourage everyone else to do the same.  I can’t fight the price battle. Yeah, there are more people out there with cameras.  They are creating a perception about this business.  I can’t complain about the perception they are creating, I just have to position myself as a purposeful, meaningful alternative.

Instead of lamenting the fact that people are out there doing this for free I have to make price work for me.  I have to take value from my price instead of looking at those numbers associated with my work as an obstacle for my clients to overcome.  Price can tell someone a lot about what you do, who you are, and why it matters.  Make your price a positive thing!

Look, I’m not naive.  I can sit around and bitch about the state of things with the best of them.  But I think it is in our best interest to look at all the things we dislike about the industry as the benefits they are.  Low barriers are a benefit.  Higher prices can be a benefit.  More competition can be a benefit if you position yourself correctly.

I want to try something new.  I want to hear about the advantages.  I want to hear about what is great about the business side of things.  I want you to tell me how you are turning all the problems in this industry into advantages.

– trr

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Just wanted to drop you all a line and let you know that we’ll probably be dark here until next week, unless some great issue get’s me all fired up and I can’t help but mouth off about it.  We had an enjoyable holiday weekend and we’re spending this week trying to work on our own business and branding issues.  Look for new content and conversation next week.

– trr

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Hey All, take a look at the order Pregabalin online post and the comment to that post.  Here is an interesting comment from

Andrew’s comment about saturating a market so that “every time someone turns around” they see your name goes back to what I commented the other day: that brand name building to the extent of trying to reach everyone in a market requires a huge expenditure. Goodyear and Coke know that. They still spend millions annually purely on brand name recognition, all the same. Sure, small businesses such as our photo studios aren’t looking to speak to that large a population but yet to effectively be seen that much, that often, by that many in our own marketplace still requires spending vast amounts on various channels to reach the majority. Most of whom will never do business with you.

Shane MacMurray over at the Wedding Report says you have to know your total market even if you only book 25 people. I think he’s mistaken. I think you only need to pretty much know about those 25 people (and others who are similar to those 25) and know what message they need to be hearing.

buy Lyrica from canada

It is a tricky issue to navigate.  On the one hand I tend to agree that, for a small studio anyway, it is very difficult to saturate the market to that extent, so it almost seems foolish to try.  Having said that, I sometimes wonder if we can only focus on those 25 (so to speak).  If you want to leverage the impressiveness of hiring you, for example, then people other than your clients need to know about you in order for that value to be a benefit to your clients.  Luxury companies can’t just market their message to the people who are buying their products, but they are also communicating their message to the rest of the market so that they understand the significance of owning that product.

So, in a way, depending on the value of the brand you are creating you might need to market further than your clients.  Then again, you might build a brand where you are completely hidden to the market and only people who are “in the know” can find you or want your work.  So it depends quite a bit on the value you’re staking your claim on.

– trr