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My pal Michael at can you buy Lyrica online recently posted the following tweet which garnered some attention –

“Gimmicks & contests do not create the ‘followers’ or ‘fans’ that you want. You can’t ‘trick’ people into being loyal to your brand.” – @mymusea

You can read his expanded thoughts on the issue in this post – buy Pregabalin 300 mg online

Michael tweeted me and asked for my thoughts on the matter and it is possible that he’ll be surprised with my answer.  I actually agree with Michael’s assessment that gimmicks and contests are sort of tricks to get people to pay attention to you and they probably don’t result in loyal customers.  I also agree that the number one way to grow your business and to get new business is from word-of-mouth-client referrals.

Honestly, I can’t disagree with Michael in theory and yet I’m actually not against these sorts of tactics to drive attention.  Sure, they aren’t likely to produce a wealth of devout followers, but they are a way of incentifying people to give you a chance.

Now, it depends on what kind of business you run.  As a wedding photographer I’m aiming for a very specific clientele and a relatively limited number of jobs per year.  So with that aspect of my life casting the wide net probably isn’t going to satisfy my needs.  But with respect to this blog I could absolutely see the value of a “Retweet this…” style giveaway for something of that nature in order to increase traffic and grow the site to get the message out there.  With one side of my business I have a capacity issue – I can only do so many weddings and I can only do certain types of weddings.  With this blog I don’t much worry about qualifying who is reading – if you’re here I hope we are both happy about it.

We moved to a new city this year.  My wife and I like going out to eat a little too much.  So on the days that we feel like we’ve spent too much that week on going out but we’re still feeling the urge I’ll jump on any number of the discount sites (Groupon, Scoutmob, Sweetjack, etc) and look for a 50% off deal.  On the one hand it gets us to new places we haven’t tried before (win for the restaurant perhaps?) and two it gives us the excuse to get out when we otherwise would have stayed home (win).  Now, to be fair a lot of these restaurants are setting themselves up for failure, because I might be happy eating there for 50% but many I wouldn’t go back to for full price.  But, a certain number make the cut and go on the rotating list of places we like to go.

Now I realize I have railed against discounting in your business and then admitted to taking advantage of other people’s discounts, so note that I have seen the needle peg on my own Hypocrisy Meter.  Nevertheless I feel like those restaurants probably got what they were looking for.  Yes, it would be better to subsist entirely on word-of-mouth, but most businesses need to inject a little more fresh blood into their referral chain every once in a while to keep the current constant.  There was a time in our own business where we subsisted entirely on word-of-mouth.  It was great until we got really busy and perhaps started slacking on the communication with our clients.  They still liked us and loved their work, but they were not singing our praises as loudly.  So we had to get out and pound pavement.

The moral of that story is not to promote gimmicks, just to say that while we all love word-of-mouth you have to be conscious that you must continue encouraging the mouths and from time to time find some new mouths to word about you.  I would caution anyone from feeling above tactics which put fresh eyes on your work.  Having said that (and I would imagine this is Michael’s bigger point) make sure that any tactic you use to draw in new eyes is consistent with your brand values.

Michael closed his article on the topic with the following question:

When you see a company that’s running some sort of ‘give away’ if you sign up or RT it out, does that… 

a) Make you open to hear more about what they have to offer?


b) Does it make you think that they aren’t offering anything of value with their regular products, hence the promotion?

How about option c) – it makes me think they are hustling to generate business, and as an entrepreneur in the trenches I’ll always respect that.

Maybe we should test the theory in a way that benefits me (!) – give me an idea for expanding this blog’s readership by way of a gimmick (giveaway a mentoring session, guest spot on a video feature, something crazier – suggest away) and help me define the terms and method for getting it out there and propagating it.  I’ll track performance and divulge numbers and let you know down the road what the results were and how much of a dirty whore I feel like afterwards.

Oh, and check out can you buy Lyrica online while you’re at it – Michael is one of the good guys.  Might I suggest thewhere to buy Pregabalin online


Check out the SEXY BUSINESS WORKSHOP – no gimmicks needed

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After last week’s order generic Lyrica online post, we received the following comment/question, that I’ve been mulling over, and wanted to make sure to answer.  My answer became a post in it’s own right.
From Carolyn:
Thanks for posting this. Branding can be a bit confusing. After reading this post, the previous post and comments, it sounds like you would say your brand is essentially your personality? And through your personality/values/likes you make connections and build a relationship with (future) clients which builds trust and ultimately leads them to hire you and entrust their wedding day to you. Does that sound right?

Does personality = Your Brand?

In a word, no.

Well, not exactly.

It’s a part of your brand, but it is not the core of your brand.

Just as you as a human being are multi-faceted, there are layers and dimensions and intrigue surrounding you, so will there be with your brand.

When I think of the “layers” of each of us, personality is definitely one of them, but, really, I think it is a surface layer.  It’s often the thing we lead with – the trait that is the most obvious, especially to those that don’t truly know us.  But personality alone doesn’t tell the whole story.  Regardless of anyone’s quirks or personality, I believe there is something very serious and real at the core for each of us.  Personality adds the color, but it is not what we’re each really all about.

I agree that adding in your values to your personality gets you closer, but I’m still not sure that’s the whole of it.

As an example, I’ll tell you about Daniel.  Daniel’s a highly skilled photographer with beautiful, touching work, on a journey to discover his brand. He attended buy Pregabalin in order to help his journey along.  At the beginning of the workshop, he thought that maybe his brand was his personality.  He loves music, and clothing embroidered with skulls and crossbones, and looks to have his work published in Rock and Roll Bride.  But when we looked at his work, it didn’t at all fit with what we had envisioned after hearing Daniel talk about himself- so all of that surface stuff- all of what he believed made up his personality- actually got in the way of his brand.

On the second day, Daniel got really excited at the idea of creating a very specific product to display his work.  He thought he would create his brand around this product, and that would make him stand out amongst all of the other mere “photographers”.  But Daniel’s work was so much more than the product in which it is displayed.  Branding on a product left out nearly everything that makes him great, even if it might have made him interesting at first.  After thinking about it more, the idea started to feel contrived.  There were just too many objections in his own mind (and in ours),and we all agreed that could not be the core of his brand either.  Plus, branding based on a product that other photographers have easy access to is setting yourself up as an easily target for copycats.  And, not to mention, the whole point of finding your brand is to be incomparable and to stand out to the clients that believe what you believe.

Back to the drawing board.

Finally, we encouraged Daniel to dig deeper, to find the reason why he photographs, and even more, the reason why he photographs the way he photographs- what he sees, what he believes is true.

And as he started telling us stories, the ones that led him to who he is today and what he believes and why, everything started making sense.

Suddenly there was no longer a divide between the person and his work.  Suddenly everything felt connected.  Suddenly it was clear what the couples who should hire him would care about the most.  And, It just felt right.

That is what you’re looking to find for yourself.  The place where it just feels right.

Where there are no more objections within yourself.  Where the ideas start flowing and decisions become clear.  Where you understand what your “perfect” clients care about the most.

Your personality, your values, your “likes” and “dislikes”, your sense of humor, the way you look, the way you dress, the price you charge, the products you offer, the way your website looks, the color of your logo, the look of your logo, your packaging, whether or not you have a studio space and what that looks like, etc., etc. – all of these things give color and life and depth to your brand, but they are not the core.

That’s what I mean by digging deep.  There’s something in there that has the ability to inform everything you do.  And when you find it, you will find a peace in your business you’ve never known before.  And all of your creative decisions will become so much easier.

That’s what we want for each of you to discover.

I’d love to hear if that makes sense for you.



Interested in the SEXY BUSINESS experience?  There is still space in the DEC 5-7 Atlanta Workshop

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I was asked to come down to buy Pregabalin india HQ yesterday to guest speak for their can you buy Lyrica in mexico class.  I had the easy job – come in and look cool for 90 minutes while someone else handled three days of the heavy lifting.  So when you’re only mouthing off for 90 minutes you can’t really teach anything concrete.  The only thing you can really do is provide some amount of perspective.  It occurred to me while we were doing some snazzy Q&A that the real reason to teach business and branding (beyond, you know, being successful) is to show entrepreneurs how to manage fear and frustration.

My experience has been that fear comes from not knowing what is coming next, and frustration comes from not knowing what direction to take next.  If you completely embrace the business/finance/managerial accounting side of things you’ll always know what business decisions to make.  Wondering about what to charge – your financial plan tells you.  Wondering if you ought to expand to a commercial location – your financial plan tells you.  Wondering if you can hire an employee, afford that marketing expenditure, buy that new bit of equipment, etc – you get the message.

Your brand is the set of ideals that your business stands for.  So when you are afraid of what is to come or unsure what to do next on a creative level, you weigh the decision against your brand.  Should you add a product line?   Dunno, is it compatible with your brand?  Should you go a la carte or collection, should you upsell and do in-person sales or all-inclusive options?   What you do, why you do it and how you do it ought to tell you what you should offer.

Photographers always ask me what they should sell or offer or how they should price.  My answer is always related back to their business plan and brand.  If you want to solve all your problems and know how to make every decision going forward you can weigh those decisions against your business plan and brand and you’ll always know the right course of action to take.  You’ll stop being afraid and pissed and spend more time and energy implementing the decisions you know you need to make.

You need something to align behind.  So do your clients.  This stuff is all connected for magical happiness.  You develop the business plan and brand and you get happier, more efficient, and more successful, and your clients understand exactly why they should hire you.  Win-win.

– trr


A few housekeeping items.  First, we’ve added a ton of social networking functionality to the site and we’ve really noticed some increased traffic due to you guys sharing and liking and all that.  The best way to grow a site like this and reach the people who would benefit from the things we talk about is for the word to spread organically so your tweets and likes are much appreciated.

Second, I’m pleased to announce that the buy Pregabalin 300 mg uk has gone international and we’ve got a few photographers flying in from Australia for this December’s installment.  Can’t wait.  You know it’s going to be super sexy if there are folks from Down Under in attendance.  There is still some availability so if you’re on the fence now is the time to register.  Read the buy Lyrica in dubai and click the link below for more info and the registration link.  The Workshop is the best way to define and implement your brand and business plan and get further, faster in your business.

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I’ve been a bit outspoken on the topic of buy Lyrica online from mexico.  It occurred to me today that most of the time when a photographer thinks they need to “educate” a client something very different is actually happening.  See, the photographer thinks that if they simply explain how great their product is, then the client will clearly want it as bad as the photographer wants them to want it.

But I don’t think that the client needs to be educated.  In actuality the client is trying to educate the photographer.  The client is trying to tell the photographer that the stuff the photographer is pushing doesn’t matter as much at the photographer thinks it does.  The client doesn’t need education, they are trying to tell you that something else matters to them.  Should we listen to them, or should we keep beating the dead horse?

– trr


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