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I am pretty excited like this because Episode 7 is the first podcast I am doing with a friend from back-in-the-day.  Laura Romero is the heart and soul behind order Lyrica samples.  Laura and I have been a mutual inspiration to each other for a few years.  We actually met because Jamie and I photographed her wedding and honeymoon (!) a few years ago.  I want you all to know Laura because she is currently bucking every trend out there and pulling down RIDICULOUS portrait averages in the midst of a horrible recession when every other portrait photographer I am aware of is struggling to maintain.  She also does all of this while remaining blissfully unaware of the drama and conventions of the photography industry.

The podcast comes in 2 versions.  Check this out:


The standard version is oh-so-free to download and listen to.  It runs about an hour and 10 minutes.   Laura and I discuss how we met and the relationship between one photographer hiring another.  We also talk about how we have influenced each other throughout the years.  But I suspect the most interesting thing you will want to hear is about Everyday Charming portrait sessions and how much she is pulling in per session (we are talking how many thousands per session).  Dig it here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version buy Pregabalin online usa. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Feel free to right-click and save down the .mp3 file.


We are also offering an extended version of the podcast.  This is the entire uncut conversation between me and Laura and it runs about 2 hours and 15 minutes!   Everything we could not fit into the main show is here – We talk about the work/life balance (something Laura has figured out better than any photographer I know), shooting on spec, how markets with fewer opportunities can actually be a benefit, and whether a connection to the photography community is a good thing or a bad thing.

The extended version includes the entire standard version as well as the pre-show and post-show.  It runs 2.5 hours, and comes as an .mp3 download for $3 US currency.  Drop your loot and you will get an .mp3 link to download the show straight computer, ready for iPoddery.
where to buy Lyrica cream


Let me know what you think of the podcast in the comments section below.  It really helps the blog and the podcast grow when you share it out on Facebook or Twitter (follow us there too if you have not already).  If you like the viewpoint, attitudes and insight that you are hearing on the podcast and you want some help to get business in 2012 check out our buy Lyrica overnight – Three of the first 4 for 2012 have already sold out.  Check out the following link for an unpolished buy Pregabalin online next day delivery courtesy of buy Lyrica medication


– trr

buy generic Pregabalin online

Today is a travel day as we leave Vegas and get ready for the buy Lyrica online canada this weekend.  So we’re in transit but still checking email, comments and buy Pregabalin powder.  As a quick note if you’ve been thinking about attending a future SEXY BUSINESS workshop you might want to check out Spencer Boerup’s review of this past week that was just posted this morning – buy Lyrica australia

The DC workshop (July 23-25) only has 1 slot left so if you are interested get in quick.  Due to the increased demand we’re considering offering another DC workshop date so if you are interested in securing a slot in the add-on workshop please send me an email ASAP – buy Lyrica canada

We may be traveling like crazy but tune in for another episode of the cheap sunglasses lyrics dropping on Monday.

– trr


UPDATE – The DC workshop is now SOLD OUT.  We are tentatively considering adding another if we get 3 committed bookings in the next two weeks.  Check out the buy Lyrica from mexico page for more information.  Remember that our Denver and Atlanta workshops still have space available!!!

buy Pregabalin 300 mg online

OK, last night we were celebrating SEXY BUSINESS attendee (and all-around fantastic photographer/human being) can i buy generic Lyrica birthday at Fogo de Chao in Vegas.  It was an amazing exercise in pricing strategy.  They had one price to thrill you.  You paid one price and they literally ran at you with the most amazing food you’d ever seen/smelled/eaten.  The servers circle you with giant skewers of meat and offer you as much as you can handle of type after type of option.  It was enormously entertaining and felt very indulgent and decadent.

Make no mistake – the food was amazing.  But the experience and treatment was what made the night one of the best I can remember in a long time.  They only let us have the best that they could do.

Creative pros get so caught up in their starting price.  What’s your amazing price?  What’s your utterly thrilling decadent price?  What is your totally amazeballs option?  What will make me go bananas?  Have you even thought about your top while fixating on the bottom?  Figure out what the best is you can do then give me an argument as to why you ought to be offering the world any else besides that.

I need you to figure out how to run at me with your best meat.


– trr

(happy birthday Spencer. And yes, this blog title was a dare, and yes I WILL post it shamelessly)

purchase Lyrica online

I don’t want to start a feud in the industry so names will be changed to protect the guilty (you know, me).  So I’m sitting in a class and the speaker makes the claim that branding is your personality.  Who you are, what you like, what you wear, what you drive, etc.  The claim was that clients will like you and want to be associated with you and what you have to sell (and perhaps the only thing you have to sell) is your personality.

Yeah, bullshit.

I mean, fine – you can brand on your personality.  It is just the weakest possible way to brand yourself.  People don’t have to be like you to hire you.  People don’t have to drive what you drive or shop where you shop.  People don’t even have to like you to hire you.

I mean, if you’ve got literally nothing else of value to offer the world but people like you, go ahead and define yourself based on that.  But the real reason that people want to be associated with a brand is because it allows them to believe something about themselves that they want to be true.  We may find a fleeting interest in a brand because of the gloss or the personality but we become loyal and unwavering when that brand adds value to our lives.  We love brands that commit to an idea or an ideal or a belief and ruthlessly execute on that concept every day.

I’m mouthy.  I’m opinionated.  I might say something in a blunt and offensive way to get attention.  Some folks reading this may like that.  But attitude and this blog’s “personality” aren’t the reason that people keep coming back.  If you can’t use the actual content of the site then the personality is irrelevant, or at best a blip on your radar.  Personality might be part of how the message gets to you, but there still has to be a compelling message.

Forget personality.  Forget the gloss and the hype.  Be valuable.  Don’t make it about “you”, make it about something more universally poignant than you.  Make it about what you believe in.  If it is about YOU then it is about your ego.  If it is about what you commit to or believe in, it is about the commitment or belief.

YOU may go out of style.  Commitment and beliefs don’t.


– trr

P.S. – we’re sort of sporadic around here because of the Vegas/WPPI excursion.  We’re home for a day and then we’ll also be traveling to Virginia to present at the buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v.  Don’t worry, regularly scheduled posts will resume shortly, and we’re always taking your order generic Lyrica online and comments for future blog fodder.

P.P.S. – buy Pregabalin Las Vegas was an enormous success.  Less than 2 days after we got a call from one attendee that despite their fear they put the new pricing and branding strategy in place and booked their first client under the new system while over the phone for a much bigger than average investment.  Thanks to those who asked about how the workshop went and especially to those who attended and made it the eye-opening and personally satisfying event that it was for me.  If you want to get your sexy on check our buy cheap Pregabalin online page for upcoming events.

P.P.P.S. – I’m Todd.  I’m from the Midwest and I’m sassy.  I like picking up heavy things, putting them back down and other manly activities.  Right now I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt from Banana Republic, cheap-ass DSW shoes and a blazer that smells like smoke and is too short in the arms.  I drive a Toyota RAV4 with a scratch down the driver’s side.  Like me for me.  Want to buy something?

buy Pregabalin india

Hey all – SEXY BUSINESS VEGAS is up and running for the next three days.  We’re sold out for this one and the next one in Nashville but we have several dates up for your learnin’ pleasure.  This is our proven, small group approach to developing a profitable business plan, compelling brand and marketing strategy, and sustainable price list that will bring in exactly what you need to make.  And all the support you can handle after the fact.  3-committed days to figuring out the direction and next steps you need to take to get where you want to go.  Limited to only 5 studios per date.  Check the dates below:

Check out the order Lyrica online uk for the philosophy behind the workshop and our where can i buy Lyrica in australia for further details.
We’ve also got a few one-day seminars planned for the next few months.  Great opportunities for covering specific topics in great (super affordable!) detail.  Check the links below for details and specifics.  Interested in how to set up your business plan and take control of your numbers?  How about what it takes to attract low-cost referrals and jobs?
ONE DAY Workshops -
We’re also doing a limited number of 1-day workshops for mid-sized groups.  These workshops are more focused but each includes a lengthy Q&A.  Check them here:
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buy Lyrica online from mexico
buy Lyrica 75 mg online
If you have any questions drop them at buy Lyrica canada.
- trr