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A few days ago we announced that we’d be appearing at order Lyrica samples this January.  The announcements just keep on coming – as a part of Mystic proper there will be four all-day, hands on seminars.  Parker Pfister, David Beckstead, Todd Laffler and ye olde …a Man to Fish.. crew will be the presenters.  Out program is going to be all about NETWORKING, WORD-OF-MOUTH and GETTING BUSINESS – the science and psychology about bringing in business and not spending money to do it.  You can actively create and manage what people are saying about you and make it lead to more bookings, and we’re going to talk all about how to do it.  If you’re going to Mystic you can add any of the four all-day seminars as part of your registration buy Pregabalin online usa.  Just move through the first few screens of the registration and you’ll have an option to add our all-day program (or one of the other guys, you know, if you want to).

But there’s more!!!  Due to popular demand (no seriously, people asked and they’re receiving) we’re adding a where to buy Lyrica cream to immediately follow Mystic.  This is the only trip to the Northeast that we currently have planned and you don’t have to attend Mystic to be a part of it.  As with all of our other workshops we cap the attendance at 5 studios (and a few spots are already spoken for) so if you’re interested you’ve got to dive on it now – Jan 12-14 2013 – buy Lyrica overnight

Still 1 spot left in next months buy Pregabalin online next day delivery (June 18-20).

hope to see you there – workshop breakdowns buy Lyrica medication, workshop order Lyrica from canada is available purchase Lyrica cheap


– trr

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Portfolio is bullshit.  Well…OK, it matters a little.  But your portfolio is only what you have done.  It can give an indication as to what the client might get, but that isn’t the only way to sell what you are going to do.  After all, that’s what they are buying – the promise of what you are going to do for them.  

I booked my first 10 weddings without having shot one.  I did that by clearly articulating what I was going to do (which luckily lined up with what the clients wanted) and then I executed on that.  I didn’t need portfolio to shoot my first destination wedding (or my 10th – just saying).  I’ve had clients (a large number actually) request to not have their images shown anywhere, for any marketing purpose.  Fine, there’s a way around that.

Your work is only a part of why someone works with you.  If you only sell what you have done you’re in essence limiting your client’s expectations of what you could do.  That’s not a problem necessarily, but it certainly isn’t the only way to fly.  I always advocate working purposefully.  Focus on the purpose that clients are hiring you for (i.e. what you can do for them) and think about how to best earn their trust.  Showing what you’ve done is only one way to do it.  If what you’ve done before doesn’t sell the idea, then do something else.

The something else can be articulating what exactly your process, approach and goals will be.  Paint a picture of what the final product will be.  More than that you can show them that you understand what their goals (and fears) are and let them know how you’re going to address them.  The process of getting hired to create something is not about proving that you’ve done the work before, it is proving that you can do the work going forward.

I say this because I see people putting portfolio forward as an unnecessary obstacle constantly.  You can prove that you can execute on the job in a number of ways beyond having done it before.  Think about what you want to do, then think about how you can get the job and make the client completely confident that their goals and fears will be addressed – now does that portfolio seem so important?

– trr

One spot left for buy Lyrica online canada Atlanta June 18-20 – claim your spot buy Pregabalin powder

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Yesterday’s post hit something of a nerve.  If you haven’t read it yet check it out – “buy Lyrica

Got it?  Great.  Now read this comment on that post from Kitty:

I fully agree with the direction, but am not sure if Leica is the best example.
Leica is not meant to be sold or used, their (wanna be) high end products are supposed to just create (further support) brand which is then used to promote cheap offerings as their P&S lenses. That 50 will be no doubt good, but i challenge anyone to tell a difference to nikon or even sigma 50EX stopped down.
Sure there are few collectors actually buying this kind of stuff, but if you look at global sales compared to what even smallest DSLR company sells, leica is by far not relevant.
M9 is very nice camera, because it is unique, but there it ends. Already the fact that i could score one for half the price used is proof of something…
They are making loud statement, but more in the sense of those like PETA. Loud, harmless, pathetic, sometimes even funny, but (as always) for few almost god-like.

Hey, I realize that it is fun to draw comparisons from one thing to another and it is easy to make claims that any comparison is bullshit.  I don’t think this one is.  First, Leica is something we can all understand since we work in this industry and we know where these products lie on the spectrum of the rest of the offerings out there.

Frankly (and this is potentially a horrible thing to say) like the differences between two lenses (even lenses the cost $400 vs $7,000) it is entirely possible that clients can’t tell the difference between we photographers.  So how one company makes the argument that one lens is worth 20x a competitor I’m all ears.

I also don’t care about global sales, because I don’t run a global business. Almost every photographer I know runs a niche business.  Most of us simply don’t have the capacity or audience to reach globally.  So I’m not interested in scope of business, I’m interested in how well branded a company is and how purposeful they are presenting themselves.  The more purposeful and specific they are, the more likely people are to buy in and go along for whatever ride the company takes them on.

And as I said in the comment yesterday the earnings certainly speak for themselves – Leica can’t keep their overpriced, irrelevant products on the shelf.  They’re building new manufacturing facilities in the midst of a recession and raising prices all the while demand is outpacing supply.  I wish my business looked like that…

The point here is that I agree – they are making a loud statement.  I just think that loud statement is almost the only thing that matter in business.  The rest of what matters is executing on that loud statement.  I often see photographers espousing the idea that we all need to do personal work to really show what we can do and push ourselves creatively.  In the automotive industry they build concept cars, then those ideas trickle down into the actual products.  This is what I think we need to be doing.  Except most photographers only think about being specific and creative in their personal photography.  I think we need to do this in our businesses…

To do personal photography work I gather you’d set up some kind of shoot or head out somewhere new with your camera (or some camera you never use) or whatever.  You need to do this  in business as well.  You need to experiment.  You need to be creative in business, how you offer what you do, how you sell it, how you package it.  You need to think about why you sell and how you make things and try some stuff that you don’t exactly understand the consequences of.

My challenge to you all is to get more purposeful, specific and creative on the business side.  You may not be able to tell the differences between two lenses, or two photographers if you aren’t an expert.  But most clients can tell the difference between a radical departure in how a business is structured, or how a product is sold.  Can you make a statement about what you do and carry it out to a crazy extent?  If you can, why do anything else?  Does the world need yet another typical, everyday purveyor of whatever it is that you do?   Or does the world need something new and game-changing?  We’re all full of regular…

– trr


By the way, if you’re looking for what personal work on the business side looks like you should fill up the last space in our upcoming buy Pregabalin Lyrica online in Atlanta (June 18-20).  purchase Pregabalin.  We’ll be spending three days rebuilding your business from the purposeful ground up.

where to buy Pregabalin online

I don’t know if you’ve paid any attention to what Leica is doing but you might want to take a look at their last offering.  An $8000 camera that only shoots black and white.  Who else is crazy or daring enough to do something so specific and distinct these days?  But that’s not the half of it.  They also announced a 50mm 2.0 lens for $7200.  That lens is replacing the older 50mm 2.0 that retailed about $2300.  That’s over 3x as much money for the upgrade of essentially the same lens – think they’re nuts?

You know why they did it?  Because they just build the best lens they can and set whatever price on it they have to.  There is a brutal, exacting, insane and wondrous beauty to that.  Think any other company is willing to do that?  To make the best thing possible regardless of cost?  To put it out there and let the chips fall where they may?  Remember, Leica’s 50mm 1.4 is regarded as perhaps the finest 50m lens in the world (prior to this one being announced) and it only costs $4000 new.

This is nuts in the most awesome way.  Because it immediately reframes everything else.  Perviously that $4K 50mm lens might have seemed extravagant, but now compared to this $7200 marvel (and their even more expensive $11,000 50 .95) it seems wildly affordable.  In an age when most companies are scrambling to come up with something cheaper to offer these people continue to show us how far we can go instead of how little we can do.

Now, I’m not buying any of the stuff they announced.  But someone will, and the fact that no one else gets it is part of the point.  

IKEA has a following because they design a product around a price.  Someone says they are going to make a flat-packable, $20 coffee table and then they figure it out.  That’s the same kind of amazing.  Some people love that stuff and some people think its crap.  If some people love it and some people hate it then you can make money offering it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – these days you need something purposefully big that defines the reason that you exist.  It isn’t enough to have ideals, you need to execute on them in tangible ways that people can actually buy from you.

You should go big because it is noteworthy.  You should go big because it makes a statement about why you do what you do and who should work with you.  You should go big because some people are looking for big and amazing and compelling and exiting.

You kind of want to know what that 50mm lens produces don’t you?  Me too.

I’ll tell you what the world doesn’t need – more affordable, middle-of-the-road 50mm lenses.

– trr


If you’re new here check out our buy Lyrica online india, like us on Lyrica purchase online australia and follow on cheap flights lyrics – thanks!

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Pierre presented an interesting comment to the “about me” post from a few days ago:

I’ve been wrestling with this issue myself, for each a commercial and consumer site and all of my web presences in general and would love to hear more opinions. It seems likes views would vary depending on issues such as gender, market and even location. I want to appeal to brides/families on one hand, and also to commercial clients/buyers. I think my “About Me’s” probably need to be different for each market but I still struggle with what to put in, what to leave out and wrapping it all up.

I’ve always said that your website is an argument as to why someone should hire you. You can’t make 10 different arguments at the same time.  So the way to know whether or not you need to split web presences is simple – to you have to make a different argument to the target clients of your various product lines?  If so, there is a good chance you will benefit by splitting them.  Here’s why – your client is struggling with making a choice about who is the perfect vendor for them.  The clearer you can make that the better everything will be for you and your clients.

If we think about the different arguments that you need to make to your various target clients then we know how relevant your “about me” is. Really, your “about me” is telling us what about you positions you to deliver on what you say you do or what you say is the best way to do things.  If the same story tells me why you are perfect for doing your commercial jobs is the same story that tells me why I want you at my wedding then great.  I kind of doubt that the same story really shows me why you’re perfectly positioned in all those cases.

Think specifically.  Make a strong argument.  Make 5 arguments if you like diversity in your work.  But make those 5 arguments individually and to the right people- don’t argue with yourself.

– trr