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As we’ve mentioned previously we’ll be speaking at Mystic Seminars in January and we’re also presenting a one-day intensive class focusing on NETWORKING, Word-of-Mouth and GETTING BUSINESS.  This is all about maximizing profitability by spending little-to-nothing on marketing.  Many people believe that just doing good work and providing good service is all it takes to get referrals.  I contend that those things are a given and there are additional concrete steps you can take to generate actual leads and get other people advocating on your behalf.  There is a science to it and you’re all going to end up Mad-assed Networking Scientists.

If you’re interested in booking more work without spending any money, if you want jobs to come rolling in and people signing your praises, if you want to radically reduce the money you’re spending and take the uncertainty out of your marketing efforts then we’re here to help you.

The one-day hands on has now been reduced to $300!!!


REGISTER HERE to book more work easier.


– trr


An update that we are now oversold for Sexy Business Mystic and we are thrilled.  However, please do not register for this workshop as we cannot accept any more participants.  But, if you’re coming to Mystic Seminars and want something more hands-on, you can register for our one day Networking seminar here, we’ll also be presenting a short program during the convention and would love to see you there!

Stay tuned- we will be adding new Sexy Business workshops for 2013 soon!

The Truth about the Pedestal

Some people set industry related goals.  They want to win that contest, or be named to that Top 10 list.  Maybe they want to be published in that magazine or be asked to speak at that convention. I get that.  But the truth about those things is that you can just get them if you want them.  The submission lists are posted, and you can basically figure out what those competitions tend to reward.  If you want to be on the Top 10 list ask them how they nominate and get in the game.  Usually you have to be nominated by someone who is already on the list – time to make some new friends.  Hola Machiavelli.  Submission guidelines are readily available and the process for getting that speaking job is rarely more complicated than sending an email.

We tend to think that the people on the pedestal are so much higher than we the rabble.  But those who are on the pedestal weren’t lifted up from above, they climbed up there on their own accord.  They just acted like they belonged there and put themselves there – everyone else on the pedestal made room.   You don’t get plucked from obscurity, you elbow your way through the door.  They don’t ask you to speak at the major convention, you call up and ask to present.  You make a pitch.  You push your way in.  The magazine doesn’t publish you, you have to send in the submission.  The pedestal isn’t that tall, it is just one step up.  You just have to buy into the fact that you deserve to take that step up.

Several people have mentioned that it is cool that we were asked to speak at Mystic Seminars.  It is cool, but we weren’t asked, I asked.  I sent in a request. I’ve got a request in to WPPI for 2013 too (make sure you Tweet them and tell them you want …a Man to Fish… to present – @RFWPPI) and we’ll see what happens.  A few years ago when we presented at Imaging USA we figured out who was in charge and what they needed to see from a pitch, then we sent it in.  No mystery.  No one asked me to set up a blog or record podcasts, I acted like I deserved to.  I’m not a contest person, but I have no reason to complain because I don’t look into what it takes to be recognized.

My point isn’t about the worthiness of industry recognition.  My point is that the recognition doesn’t go to the best, it goes to the people that go after it.  If you want it, go get it.  Granted, I don’t think any of it is going to make or break you, or really provide you happiness.  But if you want it, don’t act like the pedestal is above you, just climb onto it.  Get over how much you care about that stuff by actually achieving it, then you can move on to bigger and more meaningful things.

– trr

P.S. – Need branding help?  Come to SEXY BUSINESS, Read the MANIFESTO.  Or see us at Mystic Seminars or the MUSEA GATHERING in 2013

…a Man to Fish…. appearing at the MUSEA GATHERING

The Anti-WPPI

That’s what Michael Howard is calling the MUSEA GATHERING.  No rockstars, just mad-righteous education supporting the goal of a healthier industry.  This is a good-ole, grassroots crowd-funded convention that you probably want to be a part of.  It will run Feb 4-8 2013.  I’m proud to be a part of this, no BS.  You know of Michael from his blog/online system MUSEA and you might remember him from Episode 2 of our podcast.  I like Michael’s outlook on the industry and the instinct to be proactively helpful in supporting art and charity as a marketing tactic.  Smart business you can align behind.  This gathering is a step in that direction.

These people are speaking –

We’ll all be at the opening night celebration, we’ll all be presenting programs on day 2, and we’ll all be teaching intensive workshops in the days following.  I’m proud to be a part of this, since it is the kind of thing we don’t have enough of – ditching the rockstar mentality and talking about the nuts and bolts of photography.  Head over to this page for the details


And this is the page detailing our 3-day program – http://blog.mymusea.com/post/25921819317

Do me a favor and check out that link.  Read about the goal and the ideal behind it. The crowdfunding campaign starts July 9th and I’ll post full details and links when it goes live.  I think you’ll want to attend – I’ll be there waving the flag in Nashville.

– trr


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Speaking at Mystic Seminars 2013!

So excited that the announcement has finally been made.  Jamie and I will be appearing at the Mystic Seminars this January (8th-11th) talking about business and branding.  We’ll also be presenting a full-day program on Networking and generating Word-of-mouth referrals.  Seriously, we’re very jacked about this opportunity – I can tell you with complete honesty that Walter (Dusen, Mystic founder and proprietor) is completely dedicated to making the event a true success on an operative level.  The mantra he keeps giving me is:

Content – Teaching – Learning – Implementing

And he’s serious about it.  He’s vetting speakers to find the ones who are truly capable instructors, and willing to spend the several days working with the attendees to push them to actual progress.  Pretty amazing goal and I have no doubt he’s going to achieve it.

Hey, I think you ought to be there to see Jamie and I, but if we haven’t pushed you over the edge you’ve got to take a look at the rest of the lineup (and there are more announcements left to come…!).

There are days of content planned, so I think the $600 registration is a total steal.  REGISTER HERE and tell them Todd sent you.

Since the announcement went out yesterday I’ve had a few requests for a full-on, three-day SEXY BUSINESS Workshop attached to Mystic.  So we’re considering that in the New England area the 12-14th of January.  As we’re scouting out the possibilities send me an email here (workshop@amantofish.com) to reserve your spot.  Remember we only allow 5 total studios to attend the SB workshop, and the 3-days will be spent working specifically on your business (i.e. all new and specific material beyond what we’ll be covering at Mystic).

thanks to those of you we’ll see there, and to Walter for believing in us.  Can’t wait for January to roll around.

– todd