Hey everyone – just wanted to drop a heads up that we will be streaming live on our Youtube channel tonight and we’d love to have you join in.  Tonight Spencer Lum will be back to continue our discussion of purpose in business and photography.  Spencer was recently awarded Tiffinbox’s annual award for his non-rockstar, no-BS concern for the industry.  In honor of that Seshu, the Founder of Tiffinbox will also be joining us.  The chat is scheduled to start at 9:15 EST tonight on the …a Man to Fish… Youtube channel.  The chat system will be active so we can take your comments and questions. The …a Man to Fish… Photography Business Youtube Channel.SHOW NOTES

Thanks everyone – be sure to tune in tonight and join in the conversation.  The recorded show will post to Youtube later on in case you miss it or want to experience the magic again. – trr