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If you haven’t listened towhere to buy Lyrica cream earlier in the week allow me to pimp it even harder – but for a good reason!  Check out Brian Virts’ comment regarding that podcast:

Wow, thanks for being so candid! One thing Tony said; a fear of getting older and not being able to relate to his client or vice versa. I have to say, I probably have a good 10 years on you guys and this has not been my experience in booking younger brides. I think emotions tie into style in some form or another, especially with women. And I believe that if your style resonates with her, it doesn’t matter how old you are. I mean look at buy Lyrica overnight, he’s almost 50 and I’m sure he’s booking brides 20 years younger than him all the time. Just wanted to say that, tons of other thoughts, but don’t want to drag on, a great listen,and thanks again… Brian

I think the fear isn’t so much that we’ll grow out of our ability to book clients, but rather that we’ll lose track of who the right clients are as time goes on.  No one wants to feel that they are going past their prime or aiming for the wrong crowd.

A few days ago I was trying to come up with a blog post while procrastinating on some album designs and I threw on some Netflix.  I watched Dazed and Confused because I was trying to convince my wife that despite years of evidence to the contrary I had 90 minutes of proof that Matthew McConaughey is the greatest actor alive.  See, I think the struggle over time is not to end up like old McConaughey’s Wooderson, hitting on the high school girls when we’ve long since graduated.  What it means isn’t that you have to only work with people in your immediate age range, it just means you need to be willing to constantly work to your strengths as your strengths change and know what you do and who it is appropriate for.

We used to be “fun” at weddings.  We were younger and more willing to be the fun element at the wedding.  But we got older and now we work with people that can make their own fun and need us to be professionals.  I’m the same guy, I’ve just changed.  I think the fear Tony and I were talking about was more along the lines of knowing when the shifts were happening and being willing to go with them instead of hanging on to what has always worked.  You’ll never figure out some system or brand or approach that will last you the rest of your life, you’ve got to ride the waves and make the necessary adjustments.

We’re headed out to Vegas for buy Pregabalin online next day delivery and WPPI this week.  If you’re not going, it would be a whole lot cooler if you did.  Follow us on buy Lyrica medication to follow what we’re up to and drop a line if you want to meet up.

– trr




buy Lyrica online canada

Alright, ready for this stretch?

So I took my Mom into the ER last night because she was loosing the strength in her legs and couldn’t walk more than a few steps before laying down.  The doctors seemed frustrated that her symptoms didn’t match their readings.  It turns out that my mother is a bit of an animal at her age – a ton of walking and exercise.  So in effect she was in good enough shape that the symptoms of her problem didn’t normally appear.  Her health was masking the symptoms that usually alert the body to a big problem.  So her heart almost gave out before her symptoms let her know that there was something wrong.

Moral of the story?  First I thought the moral might be “if you’ve got any symptoms of a problem you’d better do something about it immediately.”  But that’s not incredibly applicable to running a business since it takes a sustained series of bad decisions without any tracking or remediation to really kill your business.  What really made me think was the idea that we could be performing so well in one area that it could perhaps be masking a huge problem in some other area of our business.

This has happened to us.  Sometimes you get a run of jobs and find yourself shooting constantly and therefore interacting with a bunch of people and putting a lot of work out there and you get a ton of inquiries and praise – your constant work can mask a real deficiency in your marketing or branding.  When the work and frequency slows down for any reason you can find yourself facing a big dry spell and wondering why.  We’ve also had the experience of kicking tail on sales during the high times of the market and seeing a real deficiency in profitability when the economy dropped and the add-on sales were harder to come by.

I’m certainly not saying that you need to be completely well-rounded.  The reality is that you’re inclined to want to do some things and potentially not great at some others and there is only so much you can fix about yourself.  You’ve got to live with who you are.  But you also can’t get too confident in your strengths because when you’re put into a situation where your business strengths aren’t applicable you might find yourself immediately unable to cope with the new circumstances.

Hey, I’m admittedly stretching here.  But the best moral I can take from this story is to do some soul-searching about your greatest strengths.  Are your strengths dependent on circumstances being “just right?”  If so are you absolutely certain that you can always create the circumstances you need?  What will you do if the circumstances change?

Say you’re a studio that is comfortable shooting 40 weddings a year and a middle-of-the-road price point.  You are kicking ass and the referrals come easily.  What happens if your life adjusts and all of the sudden you need or want to only be gone 20 weekends a year – are you ready to make the relevant changes or are your strengths applicable to the new reality?

Hey, I’m just thinking out loud here and trying to learn a lesson.


– trr

p.s. – in case you are wondering it looks like the doctors have found the problem and the treatment is underway.  Everything ought to be fine going forward, but as we understand it we were pretty close to a dire situation. Every once in a while you have to get close to an awful result to realign your priorities.  Thanks for the well-wishes.

can you buy Lyrica online

So I wanted to have a totally witty and poignant post for today but instead I spent the whole day taking my mom to the ER and I’m not thinking business today.  She’s basically OK but they don’t yet know what is wrong with her and we’re playing the waiting game.  In situations like this I often try to find some kind of business/branding tie-in to blog about but I came up short.  I guess the only thing I can relate is that regardless of how much stuff I could have/should have been doing for my photography or teaching today I always try to remember that no matter what you have to take care of family before you take care of business.

Here’s to all of you who are doing exactly that.  Long day, long night – catch you tomorrow.

– trr

Lyrica purchase online australia

I got this email yesterday, check it:

I’m totally not one to complain about “the state of the industry” or bemoan all the things wrong in the industry.  I think there are things that need fixing, and I think that most people just need to get off their asses and deal with them.  That being said, there is one thing lately that has been eating at me…  I do feel like in order to get somewhere in the photo industry these days you have to be a total attention whore – that is, be willing to sell yourself at whatever cost to get attention.  Or at least it seems to be working for those totally willing to pimp themselves – I’ve seen some very so-so photographers propel themselves into seeming success just by being willing to totally pimp themselves and hand out some verbal BJ’s.  It just seems like everyone is so busy kissing ass and pimping themselves…  And I do feel like the industry is getting wrapped up in this kinda as a whole.  And I am totally not that way – that isn’t me AT ALL – in terms of I can’t totally sell out and just be a constant billboard and constant ass-kisser.

So, is there hope for someone like me in this industry?  I guess that’s the question.  Yes, I know that marketing requires attention – but I don’t feel like all this newer attention whoring counts as that.  But when the totally terrible newbie photographer has 3x as many likes on FB and a bazillion people gushing over their terrible snapshots…  Am I losing the war, or just seeing problems where there shouldn’t be one?  Is the era of the quality of your work counting for something over?  That’s what it feels like sometimes…


To be honest, I think you get what you earn.  If someone is getting attention or success or whatever they earned it through some means.  You don’t have to like their means or employ them yourself, but their means aren’t your concern.

You’ve got to get your own attention.  You get to choose what you put out there to attract that attention though, so no worries.  And you get to try as many things as you like until you get the attention you want.  Pretty cool. eh?  If you want it, go get it.

I’ve quoted this before, and I’ll quote it again – Hemingway said, “…a critic is a man who watches a battle from a high place then comes down and shoots the survivors.”  Don’t judge the other guy, go get yours.

And, on a note for another day, I don’t think you can sell quality at all.  But as I said, idea for another day.


– trr


buy Lyrica canada pharmacy

Like a bunch of artsy-fartsies we spent Super Bowl Sunday (hallowed be thy name) sitting around a table with a bunch of photographers talking business.  I think I saw someone raise the trophy at the end of the night and I didn’t see a single commercial.  What I did hear was something that really made me think.

We were talking with a pretty kick-ass studio about where they go from here.  They book a ton of weddings, have their workflow down so they actually have a great life outside of the business, and generally seem happier with their lives and business than any other full-timers I know (really pissed me off!).  So I really had to think about it when they pondered whether or not to raise their prices and go for more.

I’m a potential guy.  I hate to see anyone limit themselves and I truly believe that you never know what you can accomplish until you put it out there and analyze the results and make adjustments.  That’s the business-guy in me talking.  The other part of me stops short – these people are HAPPY.  Their lives work well.  They’re killing it and booking the dates easily.  So at some point you have to wonder whether the constant push is really worth it?

In our industry there is this ever-present advice to continue raising prices and pushing the bar.  I get that life inflates and we have to manage.  But I have started to wonder whether this advice makes much sense as a driving theme?  If we look at other industries they don’t all start mass-market and move inexorably towards luxury.  Most of them find a sweet spot and dominate it until they decide to test the waters in carefully managed ways.  Why do we all have to push upward?  Is that what we’re all suited for?  Is what value we have to offer always defined by “more?”

This studio is thrilled to shoot 40 weddings a year.  They should stay in the zone and keep killing it until a personal choice makes them change their minds.  At some point 40 may be too many and they may want to shoot 30, or 20, then the business can flex accordingly.

Because every upward move you make is hard.  The difficulty curve gets steep as well.  So if you find a happy place and it covers what you need to make and you find an efficient way to live and work let yourself enjoy it until you find a personal frustration that makes you want to change things up.  Sure, there are some caveats and things to consider (check out my buy Lyrica tablets uk on why you do have to plan for and build the future today) but by and large I would advise those of you who have found the lifestyle, money and happiness to enjoy it for a while before you start messing around with success.


– trr