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The Anti-WPPI

That’s what Michael Howard is calling the MUSEA GATHERING.  No rockstars, just mad-righteous education supporting the goal of a healthier industry.  This is a good-ole, grassroots crowd-funded convention that you probably want to be a part of.  It will run Feb 4-8 2013.  I’m proud to be a part of this, no BS.  You know of Michael from his blog/online system MUSEA and you might remember him from Episode 2 of our podcast.  I like Michael’s outlook on the industry and the instinct to be proactively helpful in supporting art and charity as a marketing tactic.  Smart business you can align behind.  This gathering is a step in that direction.

These people are speaking –

We’ll all be at the opening night celebration, we’ll all be presenting programs on day 2, and we’ll all be teaching intensive workshops in the days following.  I’m proud to be a part of this, since it is the kind of thing we don’t have enough of – ditching the rockstar mentality and talking about the nuts and bolts of photography.  Head over to this page for the details


And this is the page detailing our 3-day program – http://blog.mymusea.com/post/25921819317

Do me a favor and check out that link.  Read about the goal and the ideal behind it. The crowdfunding campaign starts July 9th and I’ll post full details and links when it goes live.  I think you’ll want to attend – I’ll be there waving the flag in Nashville.

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[LINK] – Is the middle class the new underclass?

Alright – what does this mean for us?


I don’t mean to be callous, or confrontational (!) but does this lend any credence to the fact that the future for professional photography lies in the luxury sector?  Just food for thought.  Specifically on this issue I’d love to hear what you guys think….





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[Link] – Following up…

Looks like its a week of links. Maxwell Neufeldt hit us up with another TED talk relating to yesterday’s post on happiness that you should check out:


Let us know if this provokes any thought about how you deliver your work to your clients.

Also, my business coach (highly recommended) Sean Low at The Business of Being Creative posted a great article addressing similar issues entitled “Making Your Clients Work.”  Maybe it is the state of mind that I’m in, or the current issues that we are dealing with but it is seeming more and more like there is significant value to limiting what you can and will do for your clients.  Still thinking about this personally, but my personal theory going forward is that the limitation of options and deliverable images/products makes it easier for our clients to be confident in what we will be delivering (managing expectations) and it puts emphasis on the individual value of each image that we deliver.  It allows us and our clients to focus and enjoy rather than deliberate.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, abuse, ranty-comebacks and questions in comment section below, in an email (question@amantofish.com) or on our Twitter page (www.twitter.com/amantofish)

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[LINK] – TED talk on happiness…

This is a pretty intriguing talk on how our brains process happiness from the always inspirational TED organization.  Take a minute and check it out…


…then come on back and let me know what you think.  I’m particularly interested in your thoughts on how this relates to what we photographers are delivering to our clients.  How does this relate to our concepts of editing and the type/number/quantity of work we are delivering?

As usual, leave comment/questions below, or send them to question@amantofish.com.  And be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and commentary (www.twitter.com/amantofish)


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[LINK] – 7 Ironic Truths About Successful Wedding Photographers

I saw this post linked through on a photography forum and thought it was really interesting/insightful:


Head on over to the Photoshelter blog and give it a read.  Its a great meditation on the difference between a great wedding photographer and a successful (in buisness) wedding photographer.  Drop them a comment and let them know what you think and then let me know if you agree or disagree with the post.  Frankly, its hard to find fault with their assertions…

– trr

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