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It’s Jamie (Todd’s wife and business partner), and I’m here for another guest blog post.  I know you all have missed me.  And I’ve missed you too.

I think there is a misconception in the photography industry, and I would like to do my best to clear it up, or at least throw another idea out there for you to chew on and either swallow or spit back at me.

In our seven year career as photographers, we have worked at quite a few levels of the wedding photography market.  And when I say “levels of the wedding photography market” I don’t mean to say that we have worked with hicks and yokels all the way up to hoity-toity snobs – though some may read into it that way (it is not, however, my intent or meaning). I mean instead that the budgets of weddings we have photographed, and the locations- have been wildly varied from a couple thousand dollar budget wedding in a one-horse town where the nicest restaurant was the Subway attached to the gas station- all the way up to a lavish six-figure plus budget wedding at the inarguably nicest hotel in town.

So, we can say, I think without argument, that we have photographed low-end weddings, middle market weddings, and high-end weddings.  If you leave the first two years out of the equation (because we had no idea what we were doing on a business level, at that point, and were therefore charging an unsustainable sum- our fault, not the market’s)- we have made pretty close to the same averages from weddings across all markets- give or take $1-2,000.  As a side note, in our experience, the biggest difference from a money standpoint, is that the “high-end” wedding clients we have had prefer to know every cost up-front and they generally prefer not to be nickel and dimed or sold to after the fact.  Our experiences in the lower and middle market level clients (at least at the time)- were more comfortable with a lower buy-in, but enjoyed the process of buying more stuff later on.  It required more involvement and hand-holding, but it was worth it.  Your mileage may vary.

And, although I’m sure for some “high-end” wedding photographers- the higher end does mean more money overall.  The choice to target the higher end of the market was more of an answer to “where do we fit best?”  Where does our style of photography, our personality types, our professional demeanor, our comfort level, our manner of speaking, our approach and belief system- what part of the market is the closest to being a perfect fit for that?

I remember years ago sitting in a class at a national photography convention, given by a very “high-end” photographer.  He did very well for himself and photographed beautiful, super-expensive weddings.  I was crazy impressed, until he showed a slideshow of his work.  In my opinion, it was mediocre at best.  Maybe the rest of the audience was impressed, but I was not.

And then it hit me.

I strongly believe that the level of the market you work at does not equal the level of photographic skill and artistry you have.  Now, I don’t think it’s okay to suck.   You should certainly have professional level skills to be charging money.  And let me be clear that I’m not talking about whatever photographer is popular or revered amongst other photographers.  I’m strictly classifying market level by the budget (of the wedding NOT necessarily the photography) and overall priorities of a wedding. “High-end” does not mean better photographer.  It can be true that one “high-end” photographer is photographically more skilled than a lower or middle market photography, but it doesn’t have to be true, and it is occasionally/sometimes/often untrue.

To add more complication, clients (brides, grooms, parents) are individuals- they are not solely defined by the amount of money they spend on a wedding.  The decision to spend money they choose to spend (or not to spend) can be motivated from many different human impulses.  And for every 15-40 sets of people who have the same impulses to spend what they spend on their wedding, there’s a photographer (or two, or ten) that is perfect for that set of people, whose beliefs align perfectly with their beliefs, who represents what they want their wedding (and their photography) to mean.

Instead of thinking of market level as a hierarchy, where one level is better than another- think of the various market levels as a guidebook- a set of general “dos” and “don’ts” to help your business find alignment and success.  There are often over-arching similarities between what people tend to believe and want at different levels of the market.  It doesn’t mean one set is more right or more wrong than the other, it just means that some photographers will fit better than others- some photographers will be “righter” for that part of the market.

So, when we say that we shoot “high-end” weddings, we don’t simultaneously mean that “our weddings are better than yours” or “our clients are better people than yours” or that “we are better photographers than you are” (some of you are way better photographers than we are- more creative, more skilled, more technical- etc, but are really perfect for weddings that have lower budgets than our typical weddings do).  Instead, we use that term to classify weddings whose budgets are typically $100,000 and up.  Spending that amount of money on a one-day event  tends to lead the people spending it to a certain set of beliefs and ideals.  On the day, they dress a certain way, they act a certain way, and they expect a certain type of service and behavior from the vendors that they hire.  Sure, there are variations within and outside of that set of beliefs and ideals and expectations, but if you’re in the business of branding and marketing, you have to believe there are groups of people who believe close to the same thing, so we’re going with it.

I write all of this to challenge traditional thinking for a moment.  Instead of judging where you fit best in the marketplace against how great or terrible you think your photography is compared to everyone else’s, it might be more helpful to think about what you care most about, what you believe, how you want to act and interact (or not) with your clients, how you look, how you wish to dress, and how you want to be perceived by the clients that hire you, their family and their guests, and place yourself in the market based on that.  Finding that you fit with a more middle market wedding is not a bad thing, it does not mean your work is (because of that realization) mediocre.  You could, in fact, be intensely successful working with the middle market or high-middle market.  It likely means that you will want to and need to make very different business choices than someone working at the “high-end” does- again, it doesn’t mean it’s worse or wrong, it’s just different business models have different requirements and paths to success.

When we made the decision to commit to working “high-end” weddings, we wanted to do less in volume, and we found we loved big ballroom weddings.  We are not, by nature, gregarious, outgoing people.  We are pretty reserved in style and demeanor.  We were growing tired of running around with the bride and groom and their bridal party for an hour or two trying to be fun and entertaining and doing gobs of creative portraits because we thought we had to because that was the most important part of the photography.  It is for some couples, but it isn’t for everybody.  We found a great fit for ourselves in the “high-end”.  We didn’t suddenly become way better photographers than we were when we did weddings with budgets in the tens of thousands.  In fact, we were probably way more “creative” back then- and all of you photographers might even say our work was better back then or that we suck now.

Market level is just about where you fit best.  Not about how great you are.  Or even how much money you make.

I would even go so far as to say it is a choice that you should make actively.  Most brands in any other field make that choice and use it to their benefit.

Target isn’t a worse company than Neiman Marcus because it is perfect for the middle market.  Target also doesn’t have aspirations of becoming Neiman Marcus one day.  Target found where it fit best and committed to kicking ass there.  p.s. Target’s retail net income for 2011 was $2.93 billion (with a B), Neiman Marcus’ 2011 net income was $31.6 million.  I would say they are both successful.

We have been trained to think hierarchically.  The world just doesn’t always work that way.


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The Anti-WPPI

That’s what Michael Howard is calling the buy Lyrica from mexico.  No rockstars, just mad-righteous education supporting the goal of a healthier industry.  This is a good-ole, grassroots crowd-funded convention that you probably want to be a part of.  It will run Feb 4-8 2013.  I’m proud to be a part of this, no BS.  You know of Michael from his blog/online system MUSEA and you might remember him from Episode 2 of our podcast.  I like Michael’s outlook on the industry and the instinct to be proactively helpful in supporting art and charity as a marketing tactic.  Smart business you can align behind.  This gathering is a step in that direction.

These people are speaking –

We’ll all be at the opening night celebration, we’ll all be presenting programs on day 2, and we’ll all be teaching intensive workshops in the days following.  I’m proud to be a part of this, since it is the kind of thing we don’t have enough of – ditching the rockstar mentality and talking about the nuts and bolts of photography.  Head over to this page for the details

buy Lyrica from mexico

And this is the page detailing our 3-day program – order Pregabalin online

Do me a favor and check out that link.  Read about the goal and the ideal behind it. The crowdfunding campaign starts July 9th and I’ll post full details and links when it goes live.  I think you’ll want to attend – I’ll be there waving the flag in Nashville.

– trr


P.S. – make sure to check out this week’s buy Lyrica from canada, purchase Lyrica online through iTunes and leave us a rating and comment.

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Whoa, this article is the shit!  Check it here:

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First, thanks to buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk for pointing me to this article.  I’m always on the lookout for accepted industry wisdom that doesn’t work. Something that I’ve noticed recently is that photographers think that lavishing personal attention is the key to getting clients to love you.  You should read the article because it is all about how relationships don’t motivate clients in the way that we assume they do.  Clients care about values and ideals and benefit before they care about you.

I only point this out because in 7+ years of running a business lavishing more personal attention, sending more follow ups and prettying up my packaging didn’t make a bit of difference.  Niceties and pretty stuff only matters after they have bought into your core brand.  When you lead with the other stuff you are frustrating the client because you are putting an obstacle in their way.

Look, read the article and think about what you’re putting out there for a minute.  Build a brand before you worry about building a relationship.  Just think about this – the next time you crave a relationship is the first place you turn to a business?  When you are looking to interact with someone, to have a meaningful exchange, do you go out to buy something and size up the salesperson for friendship potential?

Man I love this article.

– trr


PS. – have you checked out this week’s buy Lyrica india?


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can you buy Lyrica in mexico


– trr


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Yesterday’s post hit something of a nerve.  If you haven’t read it yet check it out – “order Lyrica online uk

Got it?  Great.  Now read this comment on that post from Kitty:

I fully agree with the direction, but am not sure if Leica is the best example.
Leica is not meant to be sold or used, their (wanna be) high end products are supposed to just create (further support) brand which is then used to promote cheap offerings as their P&S lenses. That 50 will be no doubt good, but i challenge anyone to tell a difference to nikon or even sigma 50EX stopped down.
Sure there are few collectors actually buying this kind of stuff, but if you look at global sales compared to what even smallest DSLR company sells, leica is by far not relevant.
M9 is very nice camera, because it is unique, but there it ends. Already the fact that i could score one for half the price used is proof of something…
They are making loud statement, but more in the sense of those like PETA. Loud, harmless, pathetic, sometimes even funny, but (as always) for few almost god-like.

Hey, I realize that it is fun to draw comparisons from one thing to another and it is easy to make claims that any comparison is bullshit.  I don’t think this one is.  First, Leica is something we can all understand since we work in this industry and we know where these products lie on the spectrum of the rest of the offerings out there.

Frankly (and this is potentially a horrible thing to say) like the differences between two lenses (even lenses the cost $400 vs $7,000) it is entirely possible that clients can’t tell the difference between we photographers.  So how one company makes the argument that one lens is worth 20x a competitor I’m all ears.

I also don’t care about global sales, because I don’t run a global business. Almost every photographer I know runs a niche business.  Most of us simply don’t have the capacity or audience to reach globally.  So I’m not interested in scope of business, I’m interested in how well branded a company is and how purposeful they are presenting themselves.  The more purposeful and specific they are, the more likely people are to buy in and go along for whatever ride the company takes them on.

And as I said in the comment yesterday the earnings certainly speak for themselves – Leica can’t keep their overpriced, irrelevant products on the shelf.  They’re building new manufacturing facilities in the midst of a recession and raising prices all the while demand is outpacing supply.  I wish my business looked like that…

The point here is that I agree – they are making a loud statement.  I just think that loud statement is almost the only thing that matter in business.  The rest of what matters is executing on that loud statement.  I often see photographers espousing the idea that we all need to do personal work to really show what we can do and push ourselves creatively.  In the automotive industry they build concept cars, then those ideas trickle down into the actual products.  This is what I think we need to be doing.  Except most photographers only think about being specific and creative in their personal photography.  I think we need to do this in our businesses…

To do personal photography work I gather you’d set up some kind of shoot or head out somewhere new with your camera (or some camera you never use) or whatever.  You need to do this  in business as well.  You need to experiment.  You need to be creative in business, how you offer what you do, how you sell it, how you package it.  You need to think about why you sell and how you make things and try some stuff that you don’t exactly understand the consequences of.

My challenge to you all is to get more purposeful, specific and creative on the business side.  You may not be able to tell the differences between two lenses, or two photographers if you aren’t an expert.  But most clients can tell the difference between a radical departure in how a business is structured, or how a product is sold.  Can you make a statement about what you do and carry it out to a crazy extent?  If you can, why do anything else?  Does the world need yet another typical, everyday purveyor of whatever it is that you do?   Or does the world need something new and game-changing?  We’re all full of regular…

– trr


By the way, if you’re looking for what personal work on the business side looks like you should fill up the last space in our upcoming buy Pregabalin online next day delivery in Atlanta (June 18-20).  mail order Lyrica.  We’ll be spending three days rebuilding your business from the purposeful ground up.