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I have never been one who enjoys failing.  In fact, I’m a hard core perfectionist.  Quite often, I’m paralyzed at the thought of doing anything until I know that I can do it “perfectly” (at least by my definition of perfectly).

In school, at least for my generation, this type of behavior was largely encouraged and rewarded.  Our education system rewarded the destination, but rarely the journey.  We were taught to get the A (and the A+ is even better), to rank highest, to score the most points, to win the game, to be the best.  Success is far superior to failure.

The problem is, when you become a business owner, or an entrepreneur, this type of thinking can really hold you back.  The fear of failure can be paralyzing, and can keep you from achieving all of the awesome things you and your business are capable of.  It has taken me years to understand that.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have fear of failure too.  Everyday I have fear; some days more, some days less.  Owning a business is hard work, but, even more, it’s psychologically and emotionally taxing, especially at the beginning when you really can’t possibly know exactly what you’re doing, or if you’re doing the “right” thing, no matter how prepared you try to be.  I know when we were at the beginning I believed that any wrong move could be the instant end to our business.  99% of the time, that isn’t the case.  It takes a lot of wrong moves without correction to fail.  If only somebody had come up to me and told me that making mistakes was actually a good thing.  That each failure was a gift, a great opportunity to learn and grow.  That failing is necessary and common to everyone.  Think of how many times babies have to fall down before they can walk- and babies are probably the fastest, most voracious learners of all.  If they were afraid to fall, walking may very well never become a reality.

So here, I’m giving you the permission I wish I had received: make mistakes, fail.  Fail often and regularly.  Accept the fact that it’s going to happen, and it may hurt a little but it can almost always be a good thing in the end.  Be open to learn from it, to grow from that failure, make the most of it, and try your best to avoid repeating mistakes (which might still happen a time or two).

It’s okay.  Everybody does it.  The best of us fail- a lot.  But what distinguishes the truly successful from the failures is that the successful ones relentlessly learn from their failures and keep going.

So go on, embarrass yourself, make a fool of yourself, try things you think are crazy, try the things that everyone else thinks are crazy.  Chances are, you’ll regret trying and failing less than you would not trying.

– Jamie

buy Lyrica mexico

buy generic Pregabalin online took up the challenge and weighed in on last week’s buy Lyrica online canada post.  My assertion is that your website is an argument as to why someone should hire you.  Brett chimed in with:

“The way I see it your website is an argument as to why someone should contact you.”

Let’s talk about all the ways Brett is wrong.

Just kidding, although you all know how much I hate being contradicted, especially when I’m trying to be clever.  I can totally see this argument.  After all, the standard photography-industry convention is that a client will see your work, decide they like you, and then there is a whole courtship ritual involving emails, phone calls, consultations, contracts, negotiation, diner and drinks, etc.

My idea in questioning this assertion is to challenge that whole convention that this contact train is necessary.  When we work through the client-attraction/argument-building portion of our workshops photographers are always telling me that they’ll, “explain that when we meet with them.”  That’s totally fine if you are getting every meeting that you want, but I’m sure there are perfect clients who aren’t sold enough without that additional meeting information that aren’t taking the next step.  It is also entirely possible (probable?) that the client doesn’t understand the benefit to themselves to go through the meeting process.

Look, I know that some people are going to want to put all kinds of qualifiers and geting-to-know you stuff in the way of a booking.  Totally fine, knock yourself out.  But my question always comes back to the true benefit of putting those obstacles in the way of the right person hiring you.  It has become so popular these days to talk about red-flags and how to pre-qualify out the wrong people, but I’m really convinced that there isn’t enough work being done to help the right people understand why they are the right people.

Sure, if your ultimate goal is to get someone to contact you then you can build a website to do that.  I still don’t think the average home slideshow/galleries/info/contact website structure is a very directed way to accomplish that but I get it.  I just think that’s leaving a pretty vital part of the getting-hired process out and requiring the client to jump through some hoops to pick you.  My goal here is not to convince people not to have meetings or build relationships, but to step back and think about all the parts of the why-you-should-hire-me argument and think about whether or not you want all those elements of the argument at the client’s fingertips RIGHT NOW or whether it benefits you to chop them up and parcel them out.  You might have a compelling reason for both, but I know which one I’m going with.



– trr

buy Pregabalin Lyrica online

SEXY BUSINESS 2 is in the books and exhaustion has set in.  I’m very thankful for the folks that spent 3 days and nights working through it with us (including the intrepid Aussies that still aren’t back home yet).  If you’re interested in the SB experience check out the main workshops page (purchase Pregabalin) or drop me a line at buy Lyrica uk.  We’ve got two more dates on the books (before the big photo conventions) and you can send us an email to get on the mailing list for future dates.

I’m thinking about the issues that came up this workshop and it occurs to me that the traditional photography website is very unfocused and seems to work against the primary goals of a working pro:

  • Home page slideshow – These are ubiquitous.  A rotating gallery of our most clever images.  Why?  Does the shifting show make us more memorable to a potential client or less?  I’m thinking about wedding photographers here but this is applicable to anyone.  Every photographer seems to put their 10 most epic shots in there.  Or they are putting 10 images in that show the scope of what they can do.  The trouble is when you throw all that at the client, and the client looks at a number of sites doing the same thing does it make you memorable enough?
  • Random galleries – Yeah, some people have made these featured weddings and some have built categories.  Does the client know why you are showing them in this way?  Does an assortment of reception shots tell them why they should hire you?  Does Tim and Debbie’s wedding make the argument that they should hire you?  I know you think it does, but does the client need to read your mind in context with why you are showing the images to get the message?
  • About pages – I’ve gone on and on about them, and friends and neighbors I’m far from finished.  Go ahead, tell me how much you like rhubarb pie.  Tell me how happy you are to take pictures.  Tell me the age that you first picked up that old camera.  Tell me about the joy that you get from doing what you do.  Now tell me why the client should pay you to be happy?  I think people are floundering here, trying to be liked instead of being valuable.
  • Contact page – buried at the back of the nav bar.  The last option provided….
I know that we all do this stuff because this is the way it has always been done.  I just doubt that the way it has always been done is particularly effective.  The way I see it your website is an argument as to why someone should hire you.  It isn’t your entire portfolio, unless your argument hinges on the client seeing everything you’ve done and you can explain why every image is relevant to the argument you’re making – does the client have the time and attention to sit through it?
So this is what I’m thinking about over the weekend.  Send me your thoughts on your own web presence – how do you feel about it, how confident are you with it?  Does it build a logical and compelling argument about your value in implicit terms that a client (not a photographer!!!!) can understand?  Does it build the argument that you want it to build?  Is it clear and is it concise enough to get out of the way and provide the next steps before you water down the message?
Let me know ow you feel about it.
- trr

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So this week we’ve been asking deeper questions about what we do and why we do it that way.  Beyond budgets and perceived wealth it seems like the portfolio value of a given job is a relevant factor in determining the price.  It strikes me as a worthwhile question to ask whether or not the value of having that job in your portfolio is worth affecting how you price it.

So how much should it cost you to build your portfolio?  I’m talking time, money, and most importantly lost wages if you compromised to get the work?   And truthfully how much is your portfolio worth once you’ve built it?  Is there some magical formula of images containing the right clients, locations, decor, whatever wherein everything else falls into place?

How many images need to be in your portfolio to accomplish your goals?

Because my experience and my research has proven to me that the portfolio is only a small part of the overall motivation behind the photographer getting the job.  Sure, it matters, but it isn’t the deciding factor and if the other stuff isn’t rocking the portfolio won’t push you over the edge.  People hire values and ideals, not portfolios.

Look, this isn’t a blog about me – its a blog about you and how you can do the best that you can.  But honestly we booked the first 5 weddings of our business without ever having shot one.  Whether that’s cool with you or not, that’s the reality.  Then again, I’m not selling photography (primarily). Photography is the vehicle by which I sell the value that I do provide.  Every time we branched into a new segment of the market (destination weddings, Cinematography, Jewish weddings, etc) we did so without any portfolio to support it.  Because the point is selling the value that your product represents, not just your product.

I think that portfolios are obstacles.  The client needs to wade through them and hopefully they get the point that you were trying to make.  I suppose my argument would be to make the point as to why you should be hired and show just enough portfolio to prove that you can execute and then show them the next steps and get out of the way.  I think portfolios are obstacles to photographers because they represent a barrier to entry – so many people think that without the portfolio you can’t do the work which is the worst kind of chicken/egg obstacle.

What I’m asking at the end of all this is what is your portfolio adding to your overall value proposition and what do you need to do to get it?  Are you putting obstacles in the way of going after what your want because of a perceived deficiency in your portfolio?  Are you making sacrifices to build your portfolio and are those sacrifices worth it?   Have you really thought about the value that that extra image or body of work will cost and weighed the real value of getting it?

I get it – you got into this for the work.  I want you to get more of the right work.  I just don’t want you wasting time and running in the wrong direction to get it.  It seems to me that if you are a real value to people you can generate your portfolio on the job.  Your portfolio is what you do, not limited by what you have done.  I guess that’s the real point (summed up far quicker and more succinctly that I’m apparently able to upon first consideration) –

Is your value what you do or what you have done?

If your value is what you have done you need to prove that you’ve done the thing before and execute on the same things.  If your value is what you do you need to live it, not copy or repeat it.  Small difference in perspective, big difference in execution.

What are your thoughts on your portfolio and its relationship to the rest of your business?  Is your portfolio what you want it to be?  Is your portfolio what it needs to be to get the work you want?  What does your portfolio need to do for you?  What are you/have you sacrificed to build it?  When will it be “built?”


– trr