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I’ve been kind of fixated on the purchase Lyrica the past week but to be honest it is turning out better than I could have hoped.  Last night I wanted to check the Live Streaming functionality so I hopped on the buy Lyrica Facebook page and recruited a few alumni to join me in a short chat.  We ended up with a nearly 2-hour epic conversation all about the photography business.  I hope you’ll head over to buy Pregabalin Lyrica online and check it out –

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Links to the participants:
Alan Abrams – buy Lyrica uk – can you buy Lyrica online
Brian Hatton – buy Pregabalin 300 mg online – can i buy generic Lyrica
Jeff Mosier – where to buy Pregabalin online –  buy Lyrica online india
Jennifer Cody – Lyrica purchase online australia –
Joel Conner – cheap flights lyrics – order Pregabalin online
Josh Gull – buy Lyrica from canada – purchase Lyrica online
Miguel Serrano – buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v – order generic Lyrica online
Liz Baughier – buy Pregabalin – buy cheap Pregabalin online
Spencer Boerup, buy Lyrica Pregabalinpurchase generic Lyrica

If you like the show please give it a rating (thumbs up!), subscribe to the channel to get quick access to all future videos, and please share the video out to others.  I’m planning on Livestreaming again this Tuesday, August 28th with buy Lyrica canada pharmacy from our buy Lyrica tablets uk so be sure to Like on buy me a boat lyrics and follow on buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk to be notified when it goes live.  Check it out to ask questions during the show.  Thanks for all the support, having the ability to host live shows like this is something of a dream come true.  Thanks to the folks who came out to watch the show Sunday night and all the Sexy Business folks for making it happen – check out our buy Lyrica india to go through the SB process.


– trr

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The best way to deal with rejection in your photography business is to get used to it.

Tough love!

Rejection ramps up and keeps going skyward the longer you are in business.  There are some logical reasons for this.  When you start out you’re probably low-priced enough to be pretty attractive to a larger market.  That, and no one knows about you so you aren’t really fielding many inquiries that you can’t handle.

But as you keep going you raise your price and more people find out about you.  That means more (wrong) people are contacting you and there are fewer budgets that you fit into.  This only gets worse the longer you go and the higher you reach.  So as you remain in business understand that rejection is going to be a constant companion.

But there are some things you can do to manage rejection.  First is to constantly manage your referral streams.  If you are advertising make sure that the methods you are using are bringing in the right people at the right budget.  If not, cut and run.  Same thing with referrals – some people or vendors or venues just aren’t aligned with the value you provide and they aren’t going to give you what you need.  Have a conversation and get on the same page or help them understand where to send those referrals instead.

The second thing you should do to manage rejection is to communicate as clearly as possible.  Don’t hide your prices, don’t be coy on your website, don’t put a lot of obstacles in the client’s way of figuring out what your value is or why they should hire you.  The more you hide the more the wrong people can see themselves in your work and the more rejection you’re going to face (and time you’re going to waste).

We all have different comfort levels with rejection.  We had a period in our business where we were able to book a consult on something like 5-8 out of 100 inquiries.  It drove us totally nuts and we thought we sucked.  But we did the research and figured out that a huge portion of those inquiries were coming from sources that really weren’t aligned with the clients we wanted to work with.  When we figured out how to make those inquiries go away (better education of those sources) our inquiry-to-consult ratio got more comfortable.

Some people like having a ton of inquiries to work with and don’t want to limit them no matter how right/wrong they are.  That’s cool.  Some people (like me) hate rejection and do everything that we can to keep it from affecting us.  As a case in point, some of the criticism I’ve gotten recently has made me pretty reticent to record another podcast because I haven’t quite figured out how to solve the complaints.  That’s not a particularly attractive trait (as you can see – not very cool to admit) so you might want to manage how evident your tactics are.

Rejection is a silent partner in all of our businesses.  There are some things you can do to manage how large of a partner it ends up  being.  If you’re struggling with it now (hey, it sort of feels like business sucks for everyone at the moment) take a look at where your leads are coming from and what you can do to clarify your position and brand.  Rejection doesn’t go away, but you can totally insulate yourself from it.

– trr

Hey guys, we’ve got two more SEXY BUSINESS Workshops on the schedule with a few spots left in each.  buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery happens this October and order Lyrica online uk comes at you this January in Mystic, CT.  The purpose of the workshop is to develop a value message that you can communicate into the world to book the right clients for the right price.  And you’ll walk away with a business plan that ensures profitability.  Kick-ass results abound.  Check out the info where can i buy Lyrica in australia.

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Photographers are always asking me how to get paid for their time.   My advice would be to get more efficient.

Clients aren’t paying for the time you are spending (essentially). What they are paying for is the resulting value of the time spent. It really isn’t their concern how long something takes, only what the end result (be it a product, feeling, experience, etc) leaves them with. So how long it takes you is not a benefit to them and therefore not a marketing point. Time spent is a self-absorbed metric, and while we need to be conscious that it is the back end of our business and not the front.

So please don’t share one of those prettied-up images on Facebook talking about how people should hire a professional because they spend time editing or whatever.  No one cares (nor should they).  If all you are is how much time you spend (waste) getting there you’re marketing inefficiency instead of value.  Market the result of your work.  Now, if process informs value you’re welcome to explain how.  But if you find yourself justifying price by talking about how much time you invest that’s a clear signal that you don’t know what value you’re providing and you’re trying to guilt the client into paying you.  That’s weak.

What do you think?


Hey – a lot has been going on over the last few weeks.  I’ve been working on the audio issues we’ve had on our podcast so expect that to come back soon.  Feel free to suggest guests and topics cheap trick lyrics.  We just got back from teaching a buy generic Lyrica india in DC and we’ve got 2 more coming up later this year.  We limit these to 5 studios total so grab your spot now.  The workshop is all about developing a plan to get hired by the right people, for the right price, to do the right work.  Getting hired is sexy as hell.  Come see us in Atlanta and our new workshop announcement in Phoenix –

Missing our podcast?  I appeared on the can you buy Pregabalin over the counter podcast with Michael Howard.  buy me a rose lyrics for your AMTF podcast fix.

– trr

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Last week we posted buy Lyrica 150 mg in response to a reader’s question about how relevant our gear is to our photography business.  Check out that post and then check out this comment from can i buy Pregabalin online:

In our market are many photographers who are using subpar equipment and they do love the fact that customers often pick them based on 600px big images on the website. I am not scared to admit that I am gear head to my couples, it is in fact part of my brand. That I am photographer from morning to night and putting velvia next to bread for kid’s breakfast in the mall’s shopping cart. Normal people think I am crazy fascinated and attached to what I do resulting in a booking and those who have photography as hobby book us because they trust we won’t show up with D90 and kit lens, because they know, that what counts are not those 50 pics on the website, but how all will look.

If you’ve been around for a while you know I don’t tend to talk photography or gear very often here.  I like to keep the conversation specifically focused because it seems like everyone else is reviewing gear and talking about how to take photos so I tend to think there is a need to fill a different void.  Having said that, strap in because I’m going to talk cameras and images for a minute.

I’m not going to judge anyone’s gear-headedness.  Believe it or not I think about cameras and photography all the time.  I’ve been guilty of thinking too much about gear from time to time.  So I totally understand the impulse to talk shit about the photographer with the D90 and the kit lens.

Just think about every amazing photo that’s ever been taken.  Think about all the iconic stuff – all the meaningful photographs.  The vast majority of them were taken with cameras and lenses that were worse than the D90 and kit lens we’re talking shit about.  The reality is that D90 is amazing.  So is the kit lens.  Sure, there is (WAY) better stuff available on the market by comparison, but compared to what most meaningful photographs were made with that D90 kit might as well be a magical artifact.
We aren’t as valuable as our gear.  We’re as valuable as our beliefs and vision.  The gear is plenty good, even the worst of it.  That’s why I don’t like talking gear – sure it is fun amongst us nerds but it doesn’t amount to a damn thing in the world of value.

I don’t like spending money on gear because it keeps the camera companies in business instead of me in profitability.  I could easily do my job with a D90.  I don’t, but probably not for functional reasons as much as for how I would feel about myself.  My client wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  Not because they are stupid, but because how and why I take a photograph matters so much more than what I took it with.

Your camera isn’t your value.  Your value is the same whether you have a D4 or Phase One or D90 in your hand. It better be anyway.

Disclaimer – don’t freak out, I’m not saying you should have sub-par gear or spray-and-pray or anything like that.  I’m just saying anything that you can throw money at isn’t real, client-focused value.

– trr

Want to learn how to build real value?  Want to learn how to get hired by the right clients, for the right amount, to do the right work?  Check out the buy generic Lyrica india.

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