Jamie and Todd Reichman established their business in November of 2005, after a few months of part-time work they opened their commercial location in Dunlap, IL and went full-time with their business. Within their first year they achieved top-performing studio numbers according to PPA’s benchmark survey. In 2008 they were featured by PPA in the SMS Financial Success Stories webinar for their continued growth and increased revenue in 2007 while reducing hours worked and completing the transformation from a generalist photography studio to a fully-specialized wedding boutique. They have photographed weddings nationwide and overseas and in 2011 they relocated their wedding business to Atlanta, GA and were platform speakers at PPA’s Imaging USA national convention.  They launched …a Man to Fish.. and the SEXY BUSINESS Workshop in 2011 and will be presenting at Mystic Seminars 2013.

We have booked great work and screwed up can’t-lose deals. We’ve shot at Ritz Carlton’s here and overseas, booked weddings in Europe and shot honeymoons in South America. We’ve also photographed in the nastiest Knight of Columbus halls, and caught something questionable in the shady hotels shooting “glamorous” destination weddings in one-horse towns where the nicest restaurant was the Subway jammed into the only gas station. We’ve made big bucks and we’ve also made less than the cake-maker. We built a very successful business, got crazy burnt out, ran away from our problems, moved across the country and built a whole new business.  We’ve had ups and downs and we’re still swinging. We aren’t teaching because we’re awesome or infallible, we’re doing it because we’ve made a ton of mistakes and figured out not only what works but why it works.Business doesn’t have to be boring. Discovering your brand can set you free.

My name is Todd Reichman. I’m a professional photographer (website – www.reichmanphoto.com) living in Atlanta, GA. I like business, because paying attention to business lets me be more creative. I’ve heard about the own starving artist thing, and frankly I can’t understand how you can be satisfied and creative when you’re worried about paying the bills. So as I began to learn everything I could about the craft of photography, it only made sense to learn about how the heck photography could be profitable for me, and compelling and satisfying for my clients. I’m a big fan of branding, managerial accounting, purpose and story.

I’ve got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Direction and Lighting Design and a Master’s Degree in English. When I worked in the corporate world all I thought about was how to goof off while I was there and how to eventually get out of the corporate world by any means necessary. By that I mean to say that going into the photography industry I knew as little about running a sustainable and profitable creative business as any other artist. But hey, if I can learn how to do this, and keep my studio doors open and my photography earning me a living for years on end, then there is no reason that you can’t too.