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How would you describe your business before you came to the workshop?  What were you doing?  What were you worried about?  What were you selling/communicating?  How were you performing?

I had a pretty good idea of who my target market was, but I wasn’t putting anything out on my website that I had any particular credentials to serve them. I serve a pretty funky, individualistic and irreverent crowd. I had spent a number of years working at fairs and festivals (as a carny) and had kept that under wraps as it felt white-trashy and pathetic. I knew deep in in my heart that it was a great adventure, but I thought it would make me seem less professional and insecure. I had been spending a lot of energy trying to cultivate an image that would fit in with other wedding photographers. Ha – no such luck anyway.

Fortunately, I had not wasted any time trying to make my photos look like everyone else’s. I have my own photography style and sense of humor; I am always trying to make different unusual images. I had attracted my audience by showing the images, but had done nothing to talk about who I was as a human being on my website.

What did you learn in the workshop?  How did your perception of your business change?  How did your feelings/satisfaction/happiness change after the workshop?

I learned to just be brave about being myself with people I didn’t know. My close friends recognize me as the lovable freak that I am, but I never ran with it as a business identity.

I am much more satisfied with my business now. I am more open with my lifestyle choices (living somewhat itinerantly in order to swim in the ocean as much as I want in the summer and ski all winter.)  I am more comfortable with cashing in on my lifestyle credentials. I gave myself authority to serve the funkier market that I target.

How would you describe the workshop?  Why should someone go to the SB workshop?

You should take the course, to uncover what differentiates your business from everyone else’s. It gave me a roadmap and guiding principles from which to make decisions in the future. I am much clearer on who I am as a business and can run decisions past these principles to help me decide if a business decision is a good one.

As a case in point, I had decided (before Sexy Business) that I would be vocal on Gay Marriage. I believe in the cause strongly, and it is the only “political” stand that I take in public. Being vocal about this has won me the respect of my current clients. Maine just legalized gay marriage and, it was a no-brainer to go City Hall at midnight when a the first marriage licenses were going to be issued and the first wedding was to be held. I used my newspaper connections to to get into City Hall and I shot the event as a photojournalist, not as a “wedding photographer”. I then posted it all over my blog and facebook. It is a cause that my target market feels strongly about (I have heard it mentioned during more than one wedding ceremony) and to be unequivocal in my support had won me many “likes” on Facebook.


Regardless of the gain it brings my business, I am happier being open about it, and even happier still about any business it might have lost me. Any potential clients that would be turned off by this (or anything else on my website) can enjoy a “Good Riddance” from me.


– AK


Our Mystic, Boston, and Las Vegas workshops have already sold out this year.  There are still spots open in Chicago (April 21-24) and we’ll be announcing new workshops in Atlanta and (probably) Boston again later in this year.  Check out he buy Lyrica uk page for more information and to get on the waiting list for Atlanta or Boston send me an email at can you buy Lyrica online.

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purchase Lyrica online

For the first time on the podcast we’ve got a roundtable discussion on pricing and the implications where you set your starting, average and top-level price points.  All three guys are buy Lyrica uk graduates, friends of mine, and kick-ass photographers you should be aware of.  Check out the episode and let us know what you think about pricing in the comments below

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buy Pregabalin

Check out Alan here – buy cheap Pregabalin online

Check out Daniel here – buy Lyrica Pregabalin

Josh’s website – purchase generic Lyrica

And if you haven’t heard them yet I totally recommend checking out one of Josh’s previous podcasts –


buy Lyrica in mexico

We have a bunch of podcast guests lined up, and we’re always looking for new topics and guest suggestions.  So please send your questions, comments and referrals my way.  Also, help the podcast grow by sharing it out – if you like it tell a friend and if you hate it tell and enemy.

Many thanks

– trr


P.S. – The Boston buy Lyrica mexico sold out in 5 days.  We only have 1 spot left in our Las Vegas Workshop immediately prior to WPPI (March 7-10) – scratch that, Vegas is SOLD OUT!.  Still spots open in Chicago (april 21-24) – buy generic Pregabalin online.

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where can i buy Lyrica in australia

I watched the super bowl, you watched the super bowl.  Then some friends and I recorded a podcast afterwards (stay tuned for that this week).  One of the commercials struck us all as a learning experience:


A Mercedes used to require you to mortgage your eternal soul, now it costs less than $30K.  Now even though I’m a branding guy sometimes I think we worry about brand-dilution a little too much.  Building a brand takes time for people to believe in your story, it also takes some time to tear the story down.

But what the commercial made me think about was this – do you want clients who can easily afford what you have to offer, or do you want clients that are stretching to afford you?  There is a difference in expectation management, no?

My experience has been that the people who are stretching to afford me tend to have higher expectations than the people who can easily afford it.  Sure it can stroke your ego to know they are stretching for you, but they are also spending more than they thought they would – more than they can afford.  That tends to elevate their expectations.  After all, how do you feel when you spend more than you expected for anything – you probably expect it to be awesome, right?

When someone stretches to afford you they are spending the most they have to get the worst that you offer – Something to think about with respect to staying in alignment, right?


– trr

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If you get a ton of inquiries, you’re also going to deal with a ton of rejection.  Them’s the breaks.  So think about your happiness – are you happy getting a bunch of referrals or are you happy booking a large percentage of inquiries?  If you don’t like rejection or losing inquires to booked dates then adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.  That means very specific and qualified lead funnels.  That means managing many expectations (price, value proposition, etc) before people get in touch with you.  That means more communication and specificity.

If you are happier getting a lot of inquiries then you might want to cultivate more mystery.  Be attractive, but not exclusive.  Cultivate many referral streams and don’t worry too much about how much they are communicating about you.  Be broadly appealing.

One does more of the selling upfront, the second does the selling gradually through a process.  Either is fine, which makes you happier (or stresses you less)?

– trr


P.S. – If you haven’t checked out our last 2 podcasts head on over and check them out now.  Richard Israel stopped by to talk about the last couple of decades in photography.  He’s got my stamp of approval.  Listen to cheap trick lyrics and buy generic Lyrica india here or buy Lyrica medicine.