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If you’re a long-time, back-in-the-day listener of the podcast you remember buy Lyrica in mexico.  Spencer has a new sales product out that I think every photographer could benefit from, so he’s joining the podcast today to talk about how important the sales process is and how to implement his simple strategy for closing $2K+ portrait sales every time.

I respect my audience, and I appreciate everyone who logs it to read an article or check out a podcast.  So I’ve strictly avoided the hundreds of affiliate links to various products and requests for sponsorship and endorsements.  I’m not going to post about anything unless I completely believe that it is a benefit to you and not just a simple benefit, but something that will make a tangible difference in your business.

Spencer has been to my workshop.  That means I’ve seen Spencer’s actual numbers and I can completely attest to the fact that his portrait sales are consistent and impressive.  I love whenever someone can break down an esoteric, emotional process into a repeatable structure and Spencer has done that with the sales process.  You can’t be a professional and avoid sales and this product will help take the stress out of selling and actually make your clients happier with the end result of working with you.

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  2. Loved the podcast. One of the common thoughts I have noticed throughout the AMTF podcasts (I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to them all) that came up in this episode is the idea of confidence. The successful photographers you have interviewed seem to have found a way before their success to believe in the value of service they are offering, whether it is from starting out working in a successful environment for someone else as an employee/apprentice/intern, or, like Spencer, simply having a background in believing in themselves and what they have to offer kind of outside of the photography industry. I keep gravitating toward education that is focused on showing how important photography is to the people in the pictures, and that builds confidence in photographers that what we are doing matters enough that we should be able to make a decent living at it.

    I especially appreciated the comments about how so often photographers are doing anything and everything to get their clients to like them besides just giving them a great experience with the photographic and sales process. Good reminder to keep client interests foremost when setting up the sales process.

  3. Wow…just listened to this (it’s A Man To Fish weekend for me while I renovate my studio…this is my 3rd one in two days…haha…good listening!). Great stuff.

    Esp like his thoughts on pre session workflow and setting expectations–every new photographer should hear this.

    And…I’ve attended some workshops that advocate similar method (although not as eloquently) only to see their work and roll my eyes–but Spencer is walking the walk too–I noodled around his portfolio…his work is fresh, modern, creative, yet timeless….and his sense of composition and technical ability is practically perfect. I don’t get inspired very often by other photographers work…but I want to go to Tucson to have him photograph me and my family now. ;)

    Thanks for these podcasts Todd–I’m a believer. Wish I was going to Mystic–have a great time!! The Maine brigade will be there representing this year, probably partying as much as learning (or perhaps more)–haha.

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