So often we get frustrated by the client.  We just want them to leave us alone and let us do our thing.

Why?  The client is hiring you because of their thing.  Why should they trust you to do your thing?  Why should your thing matter more than their thing?  Why shouldn’t they have some input?

If you want to do your thing the client will let you IF and ONLY if you satisfy this:

  1. We have to understand what your thing is
  2. We understand what the benefit is to us
  3. We have to understand how you do your thing
  4. We know why we should trust you to do your thing

If you take care of those things the client that will trust you to do that thing can find you and trust you.  You want to be left to do your thing in the moment?  Then you’ve got to do the work in communicating your thing on the upfront.

Are you communicating those 4 things now?

– trr

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