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Fer’s becoming a major force driving wedding photography forward today.  Listen up and look at his penis.

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  1. I’m halfway through the episode and loving it! First of all Fer has the dream perspective when it comes to shooting and I truly admire how he’s embraced his work and his life and found a balance. Secondly I love the take on film you two spoke of. I love shooting film , sure, but I agree that the image should make the photo and not the medium and the margins are sooooooo much better with digital.lol. Great interview and I’ll certainly be back!

  2. OK – that was kind of awesome. Really interesting conversation/discussion about all kinds of topics. I guess I’ll have to come to Mystic next year again :) Also – having listened to other podcasts on other sites I really appreciate the good sound quality. Thanks!

    • Thanks Leah – it wasn’t always like that. Longtime listeners can definitely point out the episodes where I TOTALLY blew it on the audio. Happy with where we’ve gotten things now. And yes, you are going to have to come to Mystic…:D

      – trr

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