Hey everyone – so as you might have noticed we ended up taking a few weeks off from the blog.  If you didn’t check out the last 2 podcasts with Paul Gero or the episode previous to those with Jonathan Canlas you ought to.  The feedback I’ve been hearing is that they are among our best and I’m very proud of them.

I posted the last episode with Paul then Jamie and I took off for our first real vacation in a few years.  It was strange – all the traveling we have been doing for work made us really wish we were home instead.  That’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy ourselves, just that we probably should be working on enjoying the home that we have instead of looking for our fun in other places. That thought has lead me to a few realizations.  First, is that it is very easy to look everywhere but home for the answers.

So in an effort to travel less we’re bringing the SEXY BUSINESS Process to Google+.  We’ve piloted out the SEXY BUSINESS process one-on-one over Google+ and we’re pleased with the results we’re seeing now.  So if you’ve been curious about the process but haven’t been able to make the dates or locations now is the time to get serious about the financial side of your business and develop a brand that tells the market exactly why they should hire you.  Options available from $300-5000 (most people would be happy at $1750).

Also, we’re growing up and joining the rest of the blogging world and starting up a subscription service.  I’ve been very hesitant to do so as I hate for anyone to think that we’re going to spam you but there are a few advantages.  Chief among those advantages is understanding who our audience is, where they are coming from and what content they are checking out.  Anyone who has gone through the SEXY BUSINESS process knows that we like to gather data so that we have a good sense of reality and we can plan or adjust accordingly.  So if you’re willing to sign up for the subscription and provide us with some data we’ll be sure to only give you information that we think will be a benefit to you.  First up is that you’ll receive the first 9 extended editions of our podcast for free when you sign up.  That used to cost $18 and kills about 20 hours of editing time, so we hope you’ll enjoy it.  In the coming weeks we’ll be adding some more subscription-exclusive podcasts and article content that we think you’ll enjoy.  So please sign up in the subscription box in the sidebar to the right.

Thanks for staying with us.  We’ll have more articles coming this week and more podcasts coming soon.

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Hey everyone – anything you can do to help grow the blog is always appreciated.  So please share this content with everyone that you know.  Much appreciated.