If you get a ton of inquiries, you’re also going to deal with a ton of rejection.  Them’s the breaks.  So think about your happiness – are you happy getting a bunch of referrals or are you happy booking a large percentage of inquiries?  If you don’t like rejection or losing inquires to booked dates then adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.  That means very specific and qualified lead funnels.  That means managing many expectations (price, value proposition, etc) before people get in touch with you.  That means more communication and specificity.

If you are happier getting a lot of inquiries then you might want to cultivate more mystery.  Be attractive, but not exclusive.  Cultivate many referral streams and don’t worry too much about how much they are communicating about you.  Be broadly appealing.

One does more of the selling upfront, the second does the selling gradually through a process.  Either is fine, which makes you happier (or stresses you less)?

– trr


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