A few years ago everyone went apeshit over Facebook.  New people liking and sharing and new business coming in the door.  Seemed almost too good to be true.  And now it is.  Sure, it only costs $7 to promote that new post (now).  But the wide reach we used to get just got throttled down and now all that effort to earn likes is worth a little less than before.

Facebook is a public company now, and they have to generate revenue.  Who knows whether Twitter will go the same way (then again, Twitter was always better for networking with colleagues than booking clients – YMMV).  Can Pinterest be far  behind?

The point here isn’t that we shouldn’t leverage these platforms.  What it does mean is that we can’t rely on them as marketing tactics.  Instead of trying to earn Likes and Followers we probably ought to be driving our audience to commit to a platform that we own.  Hey, I’m as guilty as anyone else.  I tried to get Fans and followers (and those things still help to drive traffic) and even considered moving the majority of the content here to Youtube.  But the reality is that the only online element I could own is a URL and a little piece of web space.

So this blog is what I own.  This is where I ought to be building an audience, no?  My advice would be similar for you.  I don’t think you should stop using that stuff, but I do think you ought to use those platforms to drive traffic to your own.  Try and get commitment to your platform.  After all, you can trust the management of your platform to always do right by you.  Anyone else is suspect at best.

– trr



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