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…a Man to Fish… Photography Business LIVE STREAM Tuesday 8/28

Hey everyone – just wanted to drop a heads up that we will be streaming live on our Youtube channel tonight and we’d love to have you join in.  Tonight Spencer Lum will be back to continue our discussion of purpose in business and photography.  Spencer was recently awarded Tiffinbox’s annual award for his non-rockstar, no-BS concern for the industry.  In honor of that Seshu, the Founder of Tiffinbox will also be joining us.  The chat is scheduled to start at 9:15 EST tonight on the …a Man to Fish… Youtube channel.  The chat system will be active so we can take your comments and questions. The …a Man to Fish… Photography Business Youtube Channel.SHOW NOTES

Thanks everyone – be sure to tune in tonight and join in the conversation.  The recorded show will post to Youtube later on in case you miss it or want to experience the magic again. – trr

…a Man to Fish… Photography Business LIVE STREAM Episode 000

I’ve been kind of fixated on the YouTube channel the past week but to be honest it is turning out better than I could have hoped.  Last night I wanted to check the Live Streaming functionality so I hopped on the SEXY BUSINESS Facebook page and recruited a few alumni to join me in a short chat.  We ended up with a nearly 2-hour epic conversation all about the photography business.  I hope you’ll head over to YouTube and check it out –

The …a Man to Fish… Livestream Episode 000

Links to the participants:
Alan Abrams – Long Island Wedding Photographer –
Brian Hatton – New York Wedding Photographer –
Jeff Mosier – New York Actor Headshot Photographer –
Jennifer Cody – Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer –
Joel Conner – St. Louis Wedding Photographer –
Josh Gull – Nashville Wedding Photographer –
Miguel Serrano – Philadelphia Wedding Photographer –
Liz Baughier – Austin Wedding Photographer –
Spencer Boerup, Tuscon Senior Photographer

If you like the show please give it a rating (thumbs up!), subscribe to the channel to get quick access to all future videos, and please share the video out to others.  I’m planning on Livestreaming again this Tuesday, August 28th with Spencer Lum from our last Podcast so be sure to Like on Facebook and follow on Twitter to be notified when it goes live.  Check it out to ask questions during the show.  Thanks for all the support, having the ability to host live shows like this is something of a dream come true.  Thanks to the folks who came out to watch the show Sunday night and all the Sexy Business folks for making it happen – check out our workshop page to go through the SB process.


– trr

Episode 17 – AMTF Photography Business Podcast: Spencer Lum of Ground Glass

The AMTF podcast is back, this time with Spencer Lum of the Ground Glass blog and 5 West Studios.  As I said in the podcast if you like the types of topics that we discuss here you’ll love Ground Glass.  Spencer and I talk purpose and overall philosophical approach to photography and business.  I am very happy with this episode and (if he’s willing) Spencer will be back for more.

This week we announced the …a Man to Fish… channel on Youtube and the podcast is being posted there.  No worries though, we are still loading this bad boy up on iTunes as well.  No matter which avenue you take to listen I would really appreciate it if you headed over to the Youtube channel, subscribed, and gave us a like rating.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Episode 17 on Youtube 

Episode 17 on iTunes




Let me know what you think about the show and be sure to share the episode if you liked it.  Ratings both on Youtube and iTunes really help us grow the audience.  Thanks.


– trr

…a Man to Fish… Photography Business channel NOW ON YOUTUBE!

This is the culmination of a few months of planning (and procrastinating- it did take months after all) and I’m excited that it is finally up.  I’ve been enjoying doing the podcasts but I find the format limiting – sometimes I want to talk informally for hours, sometimes I want to tackle a single issue in a few minutes.  So the Youtube channel is going to enable putting up some content in different formats.  So you can look forward to the following shows on the channel:

  • Video blog posts – the same snarky dissection of issues you’re used to, this face with my big face yapping it at you.  What I like about this format is that I’ll have the ability to explain things in a human way and hopefully the spoken word will convey more (and piss off less) than the written word.
  • Podcasts – our podcasts will continue and they’ll largely be one-on-one discussions between myself and another industry champ.
  • Live Streams – I’ve been wanting to get a few folks together and just shoot the shit about anything on our minds.  I’ll be announcing these on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll be able to jump on and join the conversation and ask questions at will.  So like and follow and Subscribe to the Youtube channel to stay up to date on when we’ll be streaming.

So please Subscribe to the channel and stay tuned.  Follow on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned for updates and also for when we’ll be live streaming.  Check out the first video – “Photography is a Luxury” and be sure to give the video a thumbs up and share it out.

Photography is a Luxury



– trr

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The importance of keeping the promises you make…to yourself

Today, while making an attempt to get back into a running routine, I had a bit of an epiphany.

I don’t know how the rest of you play mind games with yourself during a workout, but for me, it’s pretty much entirely an exercise of will.   I’ve been reading a lot lately about the importance of goal setting, and so, in an attempt to overcome the odds that my mind would convince me that I was actually dying in order to stop running as quickly as possible, Todd and decided to set a goal before we started.  We agreed we would run to the end and then walk back.  I hadn’t run to the end without stopping for quite a while, so that seemed like a noble goal.  I can’t say it was easy, but I was capable of doing it.  But, as we approached the end, the turning around point, where our goal would be achieved, the voice in my head started up: you should push harder, go further, what you did is not enough, you’ll never lose weight if you don’t do more, stopping is weak.

But wait!  I promised myself that if I made it all the way to the end of the trail without stopping, I would walk back.  So, why is what I did suddenly not enough?  Why can’t I celebrate the achievement of today’s goal and make a new goal for tomorrow?  Isn’t it more likely that I’ll want to come back out here tomorrow if I stop and feel good about the goal that I achieved and set the goal for just a little further out tomorrow than if I keep going and feel like I’ve failed no matter what I’ve done?  If there’s never any stopping, if there’s never a point where the goal is achieved and I get to rest as my reward, why would I ever want to go out and do it again?  It seems that most of the time I’m a pretty big jerk to myself.  And as I thought about it more, I realized that is exactly how I act towards myself in my photography business as well.  If I reach a goal, complete a task or finish a project, I never keep my promises to myself that I will rest or get a reward for following through.  I just tell myself that what I did is not yet enough, put my head down and keep going.

It’s no wonder the burn-out isn’t going away!  First, it’s because we never stop, never allow ourselves real rest- and not the kind where you mindlessly wander the internet pretending to work so that you can tell yourself you’re working but you are actually procrastinating kind of rest- the real deal, step-away-from-the-computer, slow-down- and-be a real-person kind of rest.  And, probably even more so, it’s because I’m a con-artist when it comes to myself- promising one thing, and then changing the rules.

We would berate ourselves if we didn’t keep the promises we make to our clients, so why are we so okay with it when we break the promises we make to ourselves?

– Jamie