Photographers are always asking me how to get paid for their time.   My advice would be to get more efficient.

Clients aren’t paying for the time you are spending (essentially). What they are paying for is the resulting value of the time spent. It really isn’t their concern how long something takes, only what the end result (be it a product, feeling, experience, etc) leaves them with. So how long it takes you is not a benefit to them and therefore not a marketing point. Time spent is a self-absorbed metric, and while we need to be conscious that it is the back end of our business and not the front.

So please don’t share one of those prettied-up images on Facebook talking about how people should hire a professional because they spend time editing or whatever.  No one cares (nor should they).  If all you are is how much time you spend (waste) getting there you’re marketing inefficiency instead of value.  Market the result of your work.  Now, if process informs value you’re welcome to explain how.  But if you find yourself justifying price by talking about how much time you invest that’s a clear signal that you don’t know what value you’re providing and you’re trying to guilt the client into paying you.  That’s weak.

What do you think?


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