Do you need for other people to tell you whether or not your work is good?  After you do a job do you need your client to write you a long thank you, or a gushing reply?  Do you need your peers or the industry at large to validate the work you have done?  What happens when you don’t get those things – have you not succeeded?

If you don’t understand your brand or your core value then the only measure of success is other people telling you you’re good.  When you know exactly who you are and what your purpose is you know whether you killed it or fell short.  If you play everyone else’s game you need everyone else to weigh in on your performance, when you play your own game the only person that knows whether you executed on YOU is you.

The greats don’t need someone to tell them whether or not they nailed it, they know themselves, and they know when they lived up to their brand.  If you can’t walk away from a job knowing whether you nailed it, you have to look inside, not outside.

– trr


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