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…a Man to Fish…. appearing at the MUSEA GATHERING

The Anti-WPPI

That’s what Michael Howard is calling the MUSEA GATHERING.  No rockstars, just mad-righteous education supporting the goal of a healthier industry.  This is a good-ole, grassroots crowd-funded convention that you probably want to be a part of.  It will run Feb 4-8 2013.  I’m proud to be a part of this, no BS.  You know of Michael from his blog/online system MUSEA and you might remember him from Episode 2 of our podcast.  I like Michael’s outlook on the industry and the instinct to be proactively helpful in supporting art and charity as a marketing tactic.  Smart business you can align behind.  This gathering is a step in that direction.

These people are speaking –

We’ll all be at the opening night celebration, we’ll all be presenting programs on day 2, and we’ll all be teaching intensive workshops in the days following.  I’m proud to be a part of this, since it is the kind of thing we don’t have enough of – ditching the rockstar mentality and talking about the nuts and bolts of photography.  Head over to this page for the details


And this is the page detailing our 3-day program –

Do me a favor and check out that link.  Read about the goal and the ideal behind it. The crowdfunding campaign starts July 9th and I’ll post full details and links when it goes live.  I think you’ll want to attend – I’ll be there waving the flag in Nashville.

– trr


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Episode 14 – Growing and Shrinking with Farrah Braniff

As I mentioned in the early moments of the show a conversation with Farrah about a year and a half ago was one of the inspirations for starting this podcast.  At the beginning of 2011 I had achieved almost everything that I had set out to in photography (major convention speaking, top-performing studio recognition, highest gross ever) and oddly enough achieving all that was not as satisfying as I thought.  We spoke briefly about ruthlessly growing our businesses until we hated them regardless of the apparent success level and in some small way …a Man to Fish.. was born.  I really wanted to understand what real success was and how to definitively make it happen.  So I thought it would be interesting to revisit this conversation with Farrah, who has succeeded since 2003 in running portrait studios both large and small.

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Episode 13 – My Spirit Animal with Josh Gull

In the spirit of our older extended edition podcasts this episode with Nashville Wedding Photographer Josh Gull is our full, unedited conversation.  Josh is oddly one of the people in the photography industry that I feel the closest to even though we have only known each other for a short time.  In this podcast we discuss how we met and what has happened to us over the last 3 months as well as our thoughts on making it in the industry today, Tennessee Hot Chicken, what a “ranchy” pair of gents we both are, more about “art” and what that means, and the differences between starting up a business and keeping one going, customer service and what that really means, and why photographers grouse about shooting family formals.

I love this guy, and I love this conversation.  Check it out and let us know what you think:

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P.S. – sounds like we had some extraneous noise again in this episode, there will be new recording equipment for the next show in order to eliminate that – mea culpa.


Accolades, Appreciation and Validation

Do you need for other people to tell you whether or not your work is good?  After you do a job do you need your client to write you a long thank you, or a gushing reply?  Do you need your peers or the industry at large to validate the work you have done?  What happens when you don’t get those things – have you not succeeded?

If you don’t understand your brand or your core value then the only measure of success is other people telling you you’re good.  When you know exactly who you are and what your purpose is you know whether you killed it or fell short.  If you play everyone else’s game you need everyone else to weigh in on your performance, when you play your own game the only person that knows whether you executed on YOU is you.

The greats don’t need someone to tell them whether or not they nailed it, they know themselves, and they know when they lived up to their brand.  If you can’t walk away from a job knowing whether you nailed it, you have to look inside, not outside.

– trr




…a Man to Fish… podcast episode 12 – Art and the Profitability of Film with Kat Braman

This podcast is a direct response to the Stacy Reeves podcast duology (Episodes 10 and 11).  Kat took exception to the dichotomy we drew between art and business and took to the airwaves to let me have it.  Listen this week to hear how I totally set her straight.

Kat and I talk art and how it relates to business and satisfying clients.  Plus we talk a lot about the economy and profitability of shooting film at weddings.  Yes, film is growing in popularity and many people are picking it up, but are they really aware of the financial impact of doing so?

This one goes a bit longer than the average episode, so enjoy the extra time-killing.

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