Due to popular demand we are changing things up with the podcast.  A ton of people have requested that we load this bad boy up onto iTunes and you have gotten your wish.  I consider this “Volume 2″ of the podcast.  Going forward we will not have standard and extended editions of the podcast, everything will go up on iTunes and our longer shows will probably be split into multiple episodes.

I am completely thrilled to have Stacy Reeves on to kick off the new podcast format.  Many of you know Stacy from her pricing guide, her kick-ass client-focused photography, and her outspoken views on business in the photography industry.  Almost too much mouthiness for one podcast to handle.  In this episode Stacy and I talk the past, present and future of our industry and whether or not the sky is falling for professional photography.  This is part 1 of a 2 part episode so make sure to stay tuned for the follow up next week.

Really glad that we are on iTunes now and subscribing is going to be the best way to stay on top of new episodes and check out all the old ones.  The …a Man to Fish… Podcast is searchable through iTunes but for now  you can subscribe by clicking the button below or by heading up to the menu bar in iTunes and clicking Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast… > and entering the following feed address – http://feeds.feedburner.com/aManToFish_pod_a_m_t_f

Please head on over to iTunes, rate the podcast and leave a comment.  More comments and ratings helps new people find the show.  Thanks, and please share it out on Twtiter, Facebook, Pinterest, carrier pigeon, whatever you’ve got.  Thanks.

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I am really proud of the first 9 shows and to celebrate jumping into the modern world and doing the iTunes thing I I am putting the first 9 extended editions up for sale.  They were posted at $3 each when they launched and we are offering the first 9 packaged together for $16 (40% discount!).  You know you need some material to stumble through pretending to work after the holiday weekend.


CLICK HERE to Purchase the first 9 extended edition podcasts – Almost 20 hours of content!    Buy Now


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