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short hiatus

There are a lot of things I wish I could post about instead of this.  Last week in Nashville we were teaching and meeting a bunch of great people.  I’d love to talk about that.  A few days ago popular industry website The Modern Tog named …a Man to Fish… one of their top 10 blogs for photographers in 2012.  I’d love to talk about that.

Unfortunately, and quite unexpectedly my mom passed away over the weekend, and I’m just not up to talking about much of anything.  Some folks saw the status on Facebook and extended their condolences, which were greatly appreciated.  I’m not asking for more nice comments, or to be in your thoughts, I just hope that you take the week to say the things you always wanted to say, and do the things you always wanted to do with those around you.  Forget business, forget branding – this site has at its core always been about purpose.  Your purpose probably ought to revolve completely around the people who matter in your life.

We’ll be on a short hiatus till we get our emotions under control.  Thanks to all my friends.

– trr

Quick tip

We’ve been teaching for 2 days and SEXY BUSINESS hasn’t even started yet.  Nashville is a hell of a place and the photographer community is alive, thriving and supportive.  Since this week is going to be kind of light its a great time to check out some of our old posts and listen to a podcast or 3 if you haven’t already.  Make sure to send in a question and we’ll be back on the posting train hardcore next week.

Until then here’s a question that we were posed yesterday –

“How many images should I blog”

I don’t know, less.


– trr

Shooting to Kill in Nashville

As many of you know we’re spending the week in Nashville for SEXY BUSINESS.  Today check out Episode 114 of the Shoot to Kill podcast with Phil Thornton where we talk a bit about the purpose behind SEXY BUSINESS and the things we’ll be spouting off about.  If you aren’t already checking out STK you’d better make it a weekly listen –

Our trip to Nashville was made possible by Chris and Adrienne Scott and Shoot to Kill, so head over and give them some love.

If you’re interested in coming out the  Nashville events here are the details – there are still spots available if you’d like to sign up:

Tuesday March 13, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Networking, Word-of-Mouth and GETTING BUSINESS – Events at 1418 – 1418 Church Street, Nashville – $200 for first member of a studio, $75 for each additional studio member.

Wednedsay March 14-Friday March 16, 10:00 AM – Midnight – SEXY BUSINESS Workshop – Office Suites Plus – 2550 Meridian Boulevard, Suite 200, Franklin, TN 37067 – $1500 per studio


Hope to see you there.


– trr

P.S. – if you didn’t check yesterday’s podcast with Spencer Boerup, I think you’ll dig it.

…a Man to Fish… Podcast #8 – Spencer Boerup

Spencer is an interesting chap.  I first met Spencer a few years ago at a photography convention.  We roll in some of the same online circles but I was actually a little surprised when Spencer signed up for one of our workshops comprar xenical.  I know that Spencer runs his own workshops and actually runs a very high-performing business out in Tucson so I was perplexed as to why he would want to come to a business workshop.  What I found is that Spencer is one of the most down-to-Earth, confident, kick-ass business people I have ever met (and also a completely awesome friend) and his approach to business taught me a few things going forward.  See, Spencer was not worried about tuning up his already awesome business through the workshop, he was concerned with understanding exactly why his business was performing so well in order to maximize that value going forward and to prepare himself for the inevitable increase in competition in the future.  Forward thinking at its finest.

I am completely thrilled to post this conversation.  Two business-minded guys talking about what it takes to make it in business today (and how long we intend to stay in business).  As always the podcast comes in two forms:


The standard version is oh-so-free to download and listen to.  It runs about an hour.  We discuss the role that projecting confidence plays in booking the right business, how the visual design in your brand can affect the people that you work with, how your website ought to work and what it should be accomplishing for you, etc.  I think you will dig it, Spencer is a hell of an interesting guy.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Feel free to right-click and save down the .mp3 file.


We are also offering an extended version of the podcast.  This is the entire uncut conversation between me and Spencer and it runs about 2 hours.   Everything we could not fit into the main show is here – longevity and how we intend to get out of this business, how the recent camera releases can teach us something about marketing, why difference equals superiority, the actual value of product to the client, etc.

The extended version includes the entire standard version as well as the pre-show and post-show.  It runs about 2 hours, and comes as an .mp3 download for $3 US currency.  Drop your loot and you will get an .mp3 link to download the show straight computer, ready for iPoddery.

Buy Now


  • Check out Spencer Boerup Photography here –
  • Spencer is one of the instructors for the Genesis Workshop which has garnered rave reviews.  It drops in about a week and I hear they are about 1 spot away from a sell out –
  • Check out what Spencer had to say about the SEXY BUSINESS Workshop in this review-  HERE

Let me know what you think of the podcast in the comments section below.  It really helps the blog and the podcast grow when you share it out on Facebook or Twitter (follow us there too if you are not already).  If you like the viewpoint, attitudes and insight that you are hearing on the podcast and you want some help to get business in 2012 check out our SEXY BUSINESS Workshops – Three of the first 4 for 2012 have already sold out.


– trr

Value adding?

So I’m reading the book Collapse of Distinction and there was a great point about the concept of value-adds for driving sales and interest in your product.  I’ve been working with photographers on their pricing and I’ve never liked the convention that  we offer ever-escalating packages with more stuff for more money.  Because ultimately it puts the focus of hiring you on everything but the core question –

Do you want me to be your photographer?

That’s the only question the client should be worried about answering.  They shouldn’t be wondering whether they like your books or prints or packaging or whatever else you’re putting in front of them.  They need to want your core option.  After all, if they don’t want that then does it really matter what we sweeten the pot with?

My advice is to stop looking for ways to add value – you are either valuable or you are not.  Your core offering has to be the thing they need and want to associate with.  If you find yourself looking for something to add into the mix to make you more attractive forget about the mix – go back to the core thing and figure out why it is worth owning.

– trr


p.s. – We’ll be in Nashville next week, but look for a new podcast and updated posts.  If you’re interested in seeing us speak (we’ll be presenting every day, Monday-Friday) check out this post for more details – SEXY BUSINESS Nashville.