If you haven’t listened tobuy Pregabalin online usa earlier in the week allow me to pimp it even harder – but for a good reason!  Check out Brian Virts’ comment regarding that podcast:

Wow, thanks for being so candid! One thing Tony said; a fear of getting older and not being able to relate to his client or vice versa. I have to say, I probably have a good 10 years on you guys and this has not been my experience in booking younger brides. I think emotions tie into style in some form or another, especially with women. And I believe that if your style resonates with her, it doesn’t matter how old you are. I mean look at where to buy Lyrica cream, he’s almost 50 and I’m sure he’s booking brides 20 years younger than him all the time. Just wanted to say that, tons of other thoughts, but don’t want to drag on, a great listen,and thanks again… Brian

I think the fear isn’t so much that we’ll grow out of our ability to book clients, but rather that we’ll lose track of who the right clients are as time goes on.  No one wants to feel that they are going past their prime or aiming for the wrong crowd.

A few days ago I was trying to come up with a blog post while procrastinating on some album designs and I threw on some Netflix.  I watched Dazed and Confused because I was trying to convince my wife that despite years of evidence to the contrary I had 90 minutes of proof that Matthew McConaughey is the greatest actor alive.  See, I think the struggle over time is not to end up like old McConaughey’s Wooderson, hitting on the high school girls when we’ve long since graduated.  What it means isn’t that you have to only work with people in your immediate age range, it just means you need to be willing to constantly work to your strengths as your strengths change and know what you do and who it is appropriate for.

We used to be “fun” at weddings.  We were younger and more willing to be the fun element at the wedding.  But we got older and now we work with people that can make their own fun and need us to be professionals.  I’m the same guy, I’ve just changed.  I think the fear Tony and I were talking about was more along the lines of knowing when the shifts were happening and being willing to go with them instead of hanging on to what has always worked.  You’ll never figure out some system or brand or approach that will last you the rest of your life, you’ve got to ride the waves and make the necessary adjustments.

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– trr