Like a bunch of artsy-fartsies we spent Super Bowl Sunday (hallowed be thy name) sitting around a table with a bunch of photographers talking business.  I think I saw someone raise the trophy at the end of the night and I didn’t see a single commercial.  What I did hear was something that really made me think.

We were talking with a pretty kick-ass studio about where they go from here.  They book a ton of weddings, have their workflow down so they actually have a great life outside of the business, and generally seem happier with their lives and business than any other full-timers I know (really pissed me off!).  So I really had to think about it when they pondered whether or not to raise their prices and go for more.

I’m a potential guy.  I hate to see anyone limit themselves and I truly believe that you never know what you can accomplish until you put it out there and analyze the results and make adjustments.  That’s the business-guy in me talking.  The other part of me stops short – these people are HAPPY.  Their lives work well.  They’re killing it and booking the dates easily.  So at some point you have to wonder whether the constant push is really worth it?

In our industry there is this ever-present advice to continue raising prices and pushing the bar.  I get that life inflates and we have to manage.  But I have started to wonder whether this advice makes much sense as a driving theme?  If we look at other industries they don’t all start mass-market and move inexorably towards luxury.  Most of them find a sweet spot and dominate it until they decide to test the waters in carefully managed ways.  Why do we all have to push upward?  Is that what we’re all suited for?  Is what value we have to offer always defined by “more?”

This studio is thrilled to shoot 40 weddings a year.  They should stay in the zone and keep killing it until a personal choice makes them change their minds.  At some point 40 may be too many and they may want to shoot 30, or 20, then the business can flex accordingly.

Because every upward move you make is hard.  The difficulty curve gets steep as well.  So if you find a happy place and it covers what you need to make and you find an efficient way to live and work let yourself enjoy it until you find a personal frustration that makes you want to change things up.  Sure, there are some caveats and things to consider (check out my buy Pregabalin online usa on why you do have to plan for and build the future today) but by and large I would advise those of you who have found the lifestyle, money and happiness to enjoy it for a while before you start messing around with success.


– trr