Got a comment last week on the “buy Pregabalin online usa” post that I think warranted some additional discussion:

Great post! I completely agree with you. If it wasn’t for challenging situations in the moment I wouldn’t grow as a photographer. I’ve placed myself in many situations that were beyond my skill level, and I’ve succeeded in some and failed in others. When I failed, I would find out why, then the next time I’d have a better handle on how to succeed.

The only thing I’d add to the post is pricing (you may have addressed this in a different post). If someone is priced way beyond their skill level they won’t have as many opportunities to shoot, and in turn won’t have as many opportunities to grow. I’m not saying that people starting out should give their work away for free, but they should evaluate what pricing matches their product. I know of some photographers that set their pricing at where they want to be, and they aren’t getting any business, because their price is beyond the product that they produce.

Would you agree with this? I’d love to hear your feedback

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You know, I totally get where you are coming from – but I still don’t agree.  The funny thing about the market is that business performance and image quality really don’t seem to be connected in practice.  I’ve seen $25,000 wedding photographers that have embarrassing work.  I’ve seen stellar shooters that couldn’t pay the bills.  Let’s substitute “products” for brand.  Look at the market – strong brands perform and attract people.  Strong brands forgive (or perhaps explain the value behind) less-than-stellar work.

Your product (photography/service/whatever) is just the vehicle for providing value and executing on your ideals.  A product that is committed to its ideals is a stellar product.  I would argue this point:

True quality is judged by adherence to and execution of brand value, not on implementation of craft.

You might disagree.  Amongst a group of photographers we might agree on a set of criteria under which to judge an image or body of work or product or whatever.  That’s very relevant to your business practice ONLY if your target clients are all photographers.  But this is the real world of professional photography sold to clients.  They don’t judge photography like photographers  do.  So I can’t agree with anything that ties performance to photographic craft/criteria because that’s not how the market judges it.

Don’t price and market yourself based on your photographic skills.  Price and market yourself based on the strength and value of your brand.  If you have a weak brand, or you don’t stand for anything, or aren’t communicating what you stand for IN TERMS THAT MATTER TO CLIENTS, then maybe you ought to price low and hope you get lucky.

We sort of agree, but we’re looking at thing from a different perspective.  What do you all think?

– trr


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