Episode 2 of the …a Man to Fish… podcast is live!  This Week Michael Howard of MUSEA stops in to talk gear lust, the realities of running a business and taking some risks, and the want to actually do some measurable good in the world.  Michael recently launched the MUSEA store which is a slick and uncluttered online proofing solution that is doing some good in the world  (a percentage of proceeds from each sale will go to supporting artists in pursuit of personal projects and a percentage will go to Project Water and water.org).

Michael had put up a post denouncing gear lust in the wake of the announcement of the Nikon d4.  You might think that I, being a business minded guy, would have agreed with him on the point that buying new gear did not make anyone a better photographer.  Oddly, due to his post I started to rethink that stance.  Surprised buy Pregabalin online usa?  Listen on to hear why buying a new camera might actually make you a better photographer.

The podcast comes in 2 versions.  Check this out:


The standard version is oh-so-free to download and listen to.  It runs about an hour.  This is Michael and I discussing the “Gear Lust” post on the MUSEA blog and what gear lust can teach us about selling our own work.

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We are also offering an extended version of the podcast.  This is the entire uncut conversation between me and Michael and we divert from the gear lust topic into topics like taking risks in business vs. playing it safe and making guaranteed money for your family.  We also offer up some pretty candid thoughts on burnout, progress and longevity in business.  Michael is very honest about his experiences in wedding photography, making a living as a photographer and coming out on the other side.  And we discuss passion and how significant it is to build your business on what you really care about.

The extended version includes the entire standard version as well as the pre-show and post-show.  It runs about 2 hours, and comes as an .mp3 download for $3 US currency.  Unlike last time all the proceeds from the downloads of this podcast will go to support Project Water, a ridiculously worthy cause no matter how you look at it.  If you want some candid discussion on the reality of being a professional photographer and you want to support a great cause here is your two-birds-with-one-stone opportunity.

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Let us know what and who you would like to hear on the podcast.  Feel free to nominate yourself if you like (this is a great opportunity to interview me if you would like to tell me how wrong I am or hurl some abuse in my direction).  Send your thoughts and comments to buy Lyrica canada.
Thanks for all your support in 2011.  We have still got a slot open in the February Las Vegas cheap sunglasses lyrics and we would love to see you in 2012.  Stay tuned because we are about to announce the dates for the rest of the 2012 workshops.  If you have a suggestion for a location and time frame for a workshop drop us a line at buy Lyrica from mexico.  Let me know what you think about the podcast and make sure to spread the word on purchase Lyricabuy Lyrica and where ever else folks like you listen to stuff like this.
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