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From a bride’s perspective, I got to the point that I stopped contacting photographers who didn’t post their prices in plain sight. I just got tired of wasting my time and their time with all the emails back and forth. And I couldn’t shake the feeling that the reason they weren’t posting prices was so they could assess whether they could squeeze a little more money out of me – they couldn’t. I’ll tell you right now that no photographic image could possibly entice me to spend beyond my budget. I don’t make wedding decisions based on emotion (I realize I’m probably in the minority). But, I think I can speak for all brides when I say that transparency is a very attractive quality in a vendor.

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Hmm, the squeeze eh?  I think this gets to the heart of the misalignment between photographers and the market.  I do feel that there is a perception from clients that how much they have (or how much we photographers think they have) will in some way impact how much we charge them.  I suppose that has happened but I doubt that is the case very often.  I guess I can only speak from my experience or opinion but in our case understanding  a client’s needs before posting prices allows us to come up with a better solution to satisfy those needs.

The problem that many photographers have is that there is a pressure to set prices and collections and allow a client to choose from them with the presumption that those options won’t change.  That’s totally reasonable.  But, it is very difficult to design a set of options that easily fits everyone or manages every need a client might have.  So it often helps quite a bit to get a sense of needs/wants and budget in order to best consider how we might service a client.  Then again, we custom quote basically everything and that informs the rest of our processes, and our opinion may be very personal and specific.  I hope that the issue is not that vendors are obscuring their rates for a nefarious reason but more an issue that they (we) are trying to understand the problem before we set expectations and options.

Some of the greatest experiences we have had as photographers have come from throwing out the price list and putting something together that perfectly suits the couple.  We’ve foregone an extensive wedding shoot to spend three days trekking across a foreign countryside documenting their honeymoon adventure.  We’ve found a way to create a destination film showing what it felt like for an entire family to travel overseas for the first time and join together with another culture and family.  These clients didn’t get charged more than the average client, but they did get something far different than the average client gets by virtue of putting the needs and dialogue before the price communication.

Now, there is also something to be said for the bride that has a hard budget and is sticking to it regardless of what the market is offering.  Then again, the issue there has more to do with satisfying function for a given sum and is probably misaligned with the photographer (or any other vendor) that needs a level of interaction and customization as a requirement for working with them.  That’s actually cool, because it sets brands and helps the right people find each other.


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