It is a big issue amongst photographers and other wedding professionals and I’ve seen some frustration being expressed by brides that pricing isn’t being publicly expressed on websites.  I know that in photography education circles the prevailing attitude has been to not post prices since photographers are utterly terrified of their own prices and they believe no one will be interested in them unless they assault the client with millions of images and emotional appeal beforehand.  I also know that the wedding budget seems like the almighty enemy and everyone wants to get in front of that client and tie them up emotionally before letting the budget bring sanity to the process.

So it seemed like a good idea to start expressing the starting price.  The problem I have with this is that it sets client expectations at the bottom.  It is sort of disingenuous, since the lowest option usually serves to entice clients by appealing to their frugality without providing an actually attractive option.  The lowest option typically serves to make the other options further up the chain look more valuable.  Nothing wrong with that, but if we are advertising based on the worst we can do are we in alignment with what our clients expect?  And is it in anyone’s best interests to lead with our worst?

Instead of leading with our worst, or the least we can do, does it not make some amount of sense to lead with the best that we can do?  Perhaps we could focus on the most satisfying, indulgent, delightful expression of our ability and work downwards from there.  After all, even from a sales perspective it is easier to work downward than it is to build upwards.

Or how about a range?  What about managing client expectations by providing a minimum and maximum, or an average range?  The point being that the minimum is rarely our best foot to put forward and our worst is rarely what our clients deserve.  Instead of just answering the question “how much do you cost” or “what is your minimum” perhaps we should help to address the real issue the client is asking – “what can I expect to invest or “can I afford what I actually WANT, not just where you start?”

Then again, I could be wrong.  What are your thoughts on communicating price, from a client and a wedding professional’s perspective?  Is your personal opinion of how pricing should be communicating aligned with what your target market expects?


– trr


Worried about how to set and communicate pricing?  Three days to clarity…

I think this was some of the best money I’ve ever spent on my business in terms of the expected return on investment. Todd & Jamie know their stuff inside and out, and were AMAZING at helping us figure out why clients should hire each of us based on what we as individuals or studios bring to the table, and how to communicate that worth to clients.

- Daniel Lateulade