In the midst of moving I’ve been trying to fit in all the folks that have been asking for consults and help with their businesses.  Here’s a quick tip coming out of those sessions that you don’t even have to pay to hear.

– Eliminate “should” from your vocabulary -

For every element of your business, ask yourself why you are doing it.   If you can’t think of a direct, purposeful, effect-driven reason why you are doing it then stop doing it right now.  Seriously.  Let it go.  Nothing bad is going to happen, you’ll just save yourself some heart/headache.

Now, if the answer is “because that’s what photographers should do” then that thing needs to go die right now.  Kill it immediately and never look back.  This is literally the worst reason on Earth to do anything in your business.  Most of the things photographers think they should do (session fees, portfolio building, offering multiple products, letting clients choose images/products after the shoot, hourly coverage, digital delivery, I-could-go-on) are ineffective, inefficient, unprofitable, and don’t offer clients real value.  Just because some photographer from back-in-the-day did it doesn’t mean it makes any actual sense.

Here’s your exercise for today – strip everything out of your business.  You now do nothing.  OK, start adding things back in one at a time.  But before you can add anything in, you have to have a purposeful reason why.  If you can’t think of one, that thing doesn’t go back in.  Say goodbye, you won’t miss it.   If all you can think of is that you are putting it in because you “should” then you know for sure that piece of the puzzle is dead weight.

How much smaller, leaner, more-efficient, more purposeful can you become tomorrow?

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