Hey everyone!

First, I just want to thank everyone for the feedback, retweeting, emails, and general support that I’ve been feeling over the last few weeks – pretty overwhelming! I wanted to let you all know that things might be a little sporadic on the blog till next week. Jamie and I have packed everything we own into a uHaul truck and as of Thursday morning we we have sold the first house we owned together and we’re moving South to Atlanta. So connections will be spotty and time to blog might be a little cruched till we get settled.

Having said that, I’ll still be checking emails and comments so keep them coming. I’m going to be driving that damn truck over 700 miles at a swift and breakneck pace of 45 miles an hour so I will have a ton of time to mentally formulate responses so keep the feedback coming.

Also, I have had a ton of requests for personal consultations over the last two weeks. Typically we schedule a preliminary phone call to talk about where you are and where you want to go and what we can do to get there. I’ll be able to get back on that horse and address those inquiries by the beginning of next week so if you are interested please let me know by email and i will get back to you next week- info@amantofish.com.

Thanks again, and hang in there! I’m hoping to post updates and queued up posts as I can find Internet and we will be back to normal by next week.

– trr (gone fishin’)