Good comment from Denise to the Purpose List post which helps me clarify my point:

“Hi, Todd
Recently found your blog and have been reading it practically every day since. Really enjoy your forward answers and motivational seeds for thought.

In regards to Purpose Lists, are you suggesting that we should try packaging our products to fit different client needs? Such as senior packages, family packages, etc. with their own individual prices instead of generalizing our product prices for everyone? Just wanted to clarify. Thanks for another great post!”

Actually (and this might ruffle some feathers) I’m not advocating packing products to fit different client needs at all. I’m actually advocating that you make a personal decision about what you think is best and offer that. If you want to offer different ways of working with you, they need to be purposeful, and internally driven by what you think is best rather than being driven by assumptions about the market.

For instance, if you want to do senior photography first I think you should know why you want to do it or what is important/significant/meaningful about it to you. From there I want to understand how you want to photograph that meaning and your entire process from concept to service to execution to delivery. What I want is for photographers to look internally and decide what they, as the experts, think it best and then offer that. If you have multiple ways you want to approach something, or different methods of delivering/photographing/conceptualizing the work then those can be your other options. I’m trying to steer us away from so much smaller/shorter-time-for-less-money or bigger-longer-for-more-money thinking. I want to stop us asking the clients what we should do and start taking ownership of the creative process and the purpose behind it. I also think at some point I’m suggesting that we limit all the difference offerings, packages, print sizes, finishes, etc because every decision is an obstacle to working with us and I still question how much actual purpose/value is in each of those typical differentiators.

I’m striving to find a way to be purposeful, meaningful, profitable, sustainable and compelling. I don’t really think the old standard way of selling photography is doing any of those things very well. Its high time to shake things up. Don’t you think?

– trr