“These are the posts that I absolutely love on this blog! Very informative, to the point, and just what this industry needs, the harsh reality of what should happen in our industry. Ive always thought there should be some type of entrance into the professional photography field, such as a license just like every other field or at least a college education. I do have a question for you though. You say that having a portfolio is bullshit, if that is the case, then do you think it would be suffice to only post the absolute top 10 images from our portfolio to let clients see and leave it at that? I wonder what impression in their minds that would leave with today’s market promoting more more more to clients in order to make them happy. Your post the other day about limiting the number of images given to clients has really made me stop and think about simplifying every part of my business… so many little things running around in my head haha.”

Kristy McSwain, buy Pregabalin online usa

Well, let’s talk about the entrance points into the industry first.  I don’t actually think that there should be a licensing process because I honestly don’t want anyone else telling me what I need to do.  That might seem strange, but honestly if there was a licensing body in place I may never have passed the standards and made it to where I am.  That might be a selfish view of things, but that’s my honest answer.  Beyond that, I think that its naive of us to think we are going to keep people out of the industry.  We followed our dreams, and we can’t fault anyone else for wanting to do the same.

I’m honestly curious as to why so many pro photographers are so concerned about competing with the lower-end, upstart people.  I think we pros need a shift in perception – we should be worrying about competing with the tip-top performers in the industry.  The more we worry about the upstarts the more we give credence to what they are doing.  Ignore them!  They should be the easiest people to “out-brand.”

As far as the whole “10 images” thing you are bringing up an idea that is near and dear to my heart (I brought up the exercise in where to buy Lyrica cream).  If you think about some of the most famous, most iconic photographers that have reached a renowned status you probably are only aware of a very small cross-section of their work.  Those photographers are not being judged by every frame they snap they’re only being judged by the best that they have done, typically the same few images are used over and over.  Why shouldn’t your career be the same?  Why not feature your work by “curating” your own exhibit of the best work that you are capable of producing?

Because really, how many images does it take to show what you do and why that matters?  Does it take more than 10?  If so, then I’d urge you to ask yourself why that is.  Its not that 10 is some magic number, I just want you to think about what each additional images says about you.  If you add another image, it ought to serve a purpose, right?  Is more better?  Or is concise and directed and measured better?

I think you are on the right track.  Its not just about “simplicity” it is about a lack of complexity (because buy Lyrica overnight).  Going forward it is about being purposeful in everything that we do, say, and offer (because people are paying for buy Pregabalin online next day delivery).  I’m not saying that 10 images is the goal or an ideal to strive for, I’m essentially encouraging you to analyze why you are doing what you are doing and see if you can’t improve/differentiate yourself by not doing what is expected but instead do what is meaningful.

Does that make any sense?

Let me know what you think.  I’m also seeing a lot of comments about starting up, new photographers, competing with the upstarts, etc and I’d be curious about your ideas on these topics and where you would like to see that discussion go.  As usual, send your feedback to the links below and please feel free to pass this blog onto your friends and neighbors.

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