Following up on yesterday’s post…

Safe Risks = Safe Results

Today, safe results are not providing livable wages.  Period.  It may be scary but let’s try and alleviate those fears.  Its very difficult to make one decision and irrevocably end your business.  The fact is, a business only fails after a SERIES of less-than-stellar decisions that the owner FAILS to adjust to.  I’ve made a ton of utterly, crushingly stupid decisions in my business.  They didn’t put me out of business because I tracked my numbers and could tell when I was heading south and I could make decisions to right the ship.  You have to be willing to try things and have the confidence that you will know how to navigate in a better direction should the situation call for it.  Rarely do we know whether a given course of action is “right” but we always know that we can identify and correct our mistakes before they take us down.

Frankly, there are too damn many of us trying to do this.  If you are playing it safe, you are doing the same thing that too many other people are doing.  The market doesn’t need more of the same.  The market needs (and rewards) people that take purposeful risks.  Think about this – every potential client is out there begging one of you to stand up, stand out, and be compelling enough to choose.  They are looking for someone who is willing to risk being wrong for someone else in order to be right for them.

You live on risks.  You pay the bills with risks.  Risks are your friend.  Risks allow you to grow and progress. Risks draw people to you.  Risks are what make you worth hiring.

How do you feel about taking the risk of trying something new, or bucking the established trends?  Tell me how it has worked for you in the comments section.

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