“In the digital mindset where more is more, 10,000 songs on an ipod, 32gb of photos on an iphone, how do we as photographers explain to our clients that when it comes to image delivery, less is really more, and that 250 images from a Wedding is really the sweet spot. “

Daniel Valente, buy Pregabalin online usa

Good question, Dan!  What you’ve identified is a trend.  The trend is one of building value by offering MORE.  The thing to remember is that whenever a trend like this becomes popular you can bet that there are going to be a growing number of clients who are frustrated by having to deal with/pay for/store/transport/look at/etc. MORE.  So any trend is an opportunity to build value by acting contrary to that trend.

Doesn’t it make sense that if you are worried about creating MORE your mind isn’t focused on creating BETTER?  Doesn’t it make sense that if you build your value on volume, you simply aren’t aligned to create quality?  As photographers we can be focused on filling your iPod, or writing your favorite song.  Both approaches have value, which one do you love to create and why is that the best for your clients?

Like I’ve said before, clients don’t know what to expect or ask for when it comes to photography.  We have to help them understand how to work with us.  You get to set the tone.  If you don’t, your competitors set it for you.  In my opinion, a client can’t enjoy hundreds to thousands of images.  That becomes a job in my opinion. And I think it is OUR job to consider those images and curate them down to the digestible number.   So perhaps our idea of what we do needs to change.  So many wedding photographers worry about their “coverage” of an event.  That the job is all about providing accurate documentation of everything that happens.  That’s fine, but you have to show the value of that to a client.  I’m wondering if our job isn’t more of a curator?  To take the whole of what is possible, to consider the purpose, meaning, etc and limit the display to what fits the given point or aesthetic.  After all, what you leave out is as important as what you put in.

And how many photographers really think about their work in these terms?   Wouldn’t explaining your take and process on the editing of your work help a client understand why your approach is the one for them?  I’m not trying to give a definitive reason here, because taking that off the shelf and applying it may be just as futile as delivering thousands as well.  Just trying to think off the cuff about how I might approach building the value personally.

Here’s your homework – give me an idea of why less is more.  Tell me a story about the approach, the quality, the aesthetic, etc.  Then, turn it around and give me a sense about the quantitative approach.  Sell yourself (or myself or whatever works for you) in both ways and see how it makes you think about your work.

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– trr